Nude in Oklahoma

Some time ago my wife and I were discussing what we’d like to do and I said, “I wish we’d some property so we could run naked in the woods together”. She believed that it seemed like fun.

Fast forward a few years and the subject came up again, but since we still did not own any property she said what about one of those bare spots (seems like she might have been thinking about this a little). So we Googled nude and Oklahoma and found two places inside an hour’s drive of us.

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We sent an e-mail to both and got an extremely nice response from OakLake Trails near Depew. So I get a call from my wife at work one day telling me I needed to take a day off as she had made a booking for a night’s stay during the week we figured that less people would be there as we got our “feet wet” during the week).

We arrived at OLT and were given a tour of the resort. After completing the paperwork we were off to our cabin. We disrobed, grabbed our towels and stepped outside for our first ever nude in public experience. We decided to walk one of the trails to get comfortable. As we were returning down a road to our cabin we passed by some folks clothe, I didn’t realize it was clothing optional.

I told my wife, “If you’d told me three weeks back I’d be walking down the road buck nude in front of people I’d have said you were insane,” but there we were doing just that and it didn’t even feel odd.

On the way home my wife said, “that’s the very first time that I felt comfortable in my very own skin.”

How soon did we go back?

Nude at Big Sur

My ideal of camping is roughing it at the Hilton. LOL! My boyfriend is an avid camper and had been after me to join him. Finally, I concurred and he offered several destinations and I decided Big Sur.

Arriving early Friday for a long weekend, we pretty much had our selection of camp sites. My boyfriend decided the site and we headed over to set up camp. The chill of the morning air was gone and temperature was in the mid 80’s. I had always harbored a dream of being nude in an outdoor setting but never dreamed I was about to recognize my fantasy.
I had no clue about setting up camp so mostly watched until it was time to lift the tent. I was really beginning to feel the temperature and since no one was around, eased my t shirt off and had my bikini top on. My boyfriend just grinned and kept working.

As fast as the idea came to me…off came my top. Wow! What an awesome feeling! My BF said he loved seeing me topless but watch for other campers or camp rangers! I laughed and soon he ha dhis shirt away. Nearly set up when a car stopped and 3 girls asked if they could set up in the following site. I said sure. They did ask for some help with their tent and my BF obliged. We had lunch along with a beer and by this time I ‘m feeling around dressed with my short pants on…and only that fast I was down to my panties. Two more SUV’s drove by but not even a second look. We grabbed our towels and cooler and started to the beach when our neighbors requested us to wait for them as they had never been there before and didn’t wish to wander into the wrong area and cause an issue about being topless.

In minutes, the 5 of us were headed down the route to the shore. We did pass a family coming up the path but they were not upset of 4 topless girls. When we arrived at the sand, there were several other couples in a variety of stages of dress on the shore. Two of our neighbors instantly dropped their bikini bottoms and continued as though totally natural. Hey, if this works for them…off comes mine. I was so excited I didn’t find that my BF was also naked. On the beach, absolutely naked and feeling the finest feeling of independence. As the sun was setting, we all headed back to camp. We girls put on the bottoms of our bikinis but never troubled with our tops.

By the time we were nearing our campsite, we noticed the camp was almost complete and yet no one said a word about us being topless. My BF as well as our neighbors pretty much spent the weekend together and around camp, we’d our bottoms on and were topless until the night atmosphere chill arrived. Nude on the beach Saturday and Sunday and it was about a 50/50 combination of folks naked and clothed but there were no problems. I still have mixed feeling about the camping but the liberty of being absolutely naked ourdoors never loses its appeal. We also love nudity at home.

Chino Hills, California
Nude at 12

Much to my mother’s chagrin, I elected to skip PJ’s during the warm summer nights of my 12th year. Raised Catholic, nudity was frowned upon under any conditions. A swimsuit was regular attire in the backyard pool until one day I decided that swimsuits were non essential and I wandered out to the pool totally nude. My father tried not to see but Mother immediately told me to get a suit on. I shrugged and spread my towel and laid down on the next lawn. I never felt awkward or tense being nude. After Mom addressed my nudity and said it was no okay particularly in mixed company. I paid no heed and the following day, my parents and aunt, uncle and cousins were all outside at the pool and once more, I wandered out completely naked. About 30 minutes after, my 15 and 16 year old cousins casually removed their tops and astonishingly, nothing was said.

Here we were! 3 absolutely naked young ladies when my other cousin chosen to join us and dropped his swimsuit. However nothing was said. Late in the afternoon, we BBQ’d and we did put the bottoms on while eating. After dark, we were nude again just this time,my aunt stood up and slipped off her sundress and panties and joined us in the pool.

Mother, not sure what to do or say, only sat and watched. My aunt began to tease Mother and amid all of our laughing, Mother stripped naked and jumped in the pool. After, dad heated the Jacuzzi and all of the grownups were enjoying a nude soak.

After everyone had gone home, Mother came into my room with only a sarong wrapped around her waist and sat down on my bed. I am sure she thought I’d tease her but I acted as though I didn’t notice her naked breast. She confessed that she admired me and was glad she finally understood her want to be naked. I think that was the last time anyone wore a swimsuit in the backyard and pool.

as soon as I went away to school, we had different pools for women and men. There were several other women that were topless in the pool and I followed the first few times but finally walked out of the showers naked one day. Soon, a lot of the topless women were naked and after several weeks, it was pretty much bare for everyone. That was Berkley CA.

One afternoon, a male student came in the women’s pool and stipped naked. He got a few stares but no one objected. We met there often and soon started seeing each other socially. We were collectively through 4 years at Berkley and we have been happily married for nearly 15 years. We still go nude at Mother and Dad’s but have a lovely little home with a private lawn and we frequently entertain both our nude and textile friends.

Ontario, California
My wife made me do it!

30 years ago wife and I were in the Caribbean at a private resort on a small isle. and walked to the end of the beach near our bungalo. Nobody was about and my wife took off her top and then dared me to go skinny-dipping. So I chucked my trunks on the towel and went for a swim in the surf while she sat and read her novel. The surf was rough and when I got back I just flopped down to rest never covering up. With the warm sunshine and sound of the surf I fell fast asleep but felt safe with my wife on guard.

After I woke up to voices. Two ladies we met the night before at diner were talking to my wife. Seemingly my wife had waved to them to join us but she didn’t awaken me. I reached for my trunks but they were gone. My wife had taken them and place them in her tote so she’d set me up. I was lying face down but was still very uncomfortable with the specific situation.

The ladies, sisters, acted as nothing was incorrect and they sat down to chat. Eventually one said it was fine for my wife to request them to join us as they have not been on a clothing optional beach before and among the sisters asked my wife if it was okay to join me. My wife said sure and she took off her suit. Her shier sister didn’t. They ladies thanked me before I could say anything. So I rolled away from them and jumped up and ran to the surf and jumped in before anyone could get much of a look. My wife just grinned.

So the sisters got into the surf and I kept a considerable distance from them. Eventaully the bashful sister removed her suit also once she was in the water and was delighted until her more daring sister stole her suit and dropped it up onto the shore saying that now she’d have to walk out naked. Nobody ought to be forced into anything.

It was at that moment that I didn’t feel nude at all. I walked out of the water, got her suit for her and walked back to give it to her not care who was looking at me. Soon afterwards we all got out as well as returned to the towels where my wife was still reading. That is when the sisters noticed I was a smoothie. They made a opinion and my wife simply said “I prefer him that way”.

I remained bare until we were prepared to go back for brunch. As we got up and the sisters began to put on their suits my wife suggested that it would be ridiculous for me to put my suit back on and that I walk back to the bungalo naked. It was her way of challenging me. So I look down the beach and as there were only a few folks on the far end I said sure. With that the more daring sister decided to join me in the bare walk also, and so we went.

I was always naked, my wife never was, but on the last day the bold sister decided to be a smoothie too! My wife still likes me to be naked around the home, but not her!

NYC, New York
Hot Springs

We simply went to a clothing-optional hot springs in northern California. I ‘d never experienced societal nudity before, and I was really nervous.

The time came to step out into the public place, and as I did, a girl was there undressing. I asked where to place my bag, and she said she merely leaves hers there by the bences. There I was, naked – in front of complete strangers.

I got in and waited for my wife. About 5 minutes after, she arrived and joined me. It was amazing to stretch out in a tub of hot water with nothing on!

Soon I needed to get out and cool off in the swimming pool, I grabbed my towel and placed it “stratigeclly” over my shoulder and walked down to the pool area and hopped in. I ‘d not skinny dipped since childhood, and I was immediately taken back to that time. I swam around for about 10 minutes, then went back to the hot flumes. This went on for about three hours. At about the thrid trip to nudist pageant spain , I was not even taking my towel to cover up. It was odd – I did not even really notice that I was naked, or anyone else for that matter.

I am now hooked and certainly will return to this facility frequently. After only several hours, I felt so completly relaxed and rejuvinated. Hopefully my wife will soon come to understand the freedom and relaxation that can occur when you shed your shell. My only regrets were that I hadn’t done this sooner and had to get dressed and go home.

-Scott P

I had an experience today that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?….

I’d finished my workout, showered, disposed of my towel in a near by bind, and was walking back to my locker (nude, of course) to get dressed. As I turned the corner from the showers toward the lockers, a woman was standing in the path with a bathing suit and towel in her hand. “What are you doing in here!?” she asked. “I was going to ask you the same question” responded. She responded, “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry….I am in the wrong spot!” “Please forgive my intrusion” she continued, as she followed me to my locker. As I was attempting to get my locker opened, she continued to talk to me in regards to the facility we were in. This went on for an excellent two minutes before another guy walked in and, took a look, and retreated behind a few other lockers. Finally, she said, “I apologize…it was good speaking to you”…and left.

Now, while I was surprised to see her (and she me), I remained calm and naked (since had nothing to cover with)
in our dialog.

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She apparently somewhat enjoyed this situation, since she did not immediately run to the door.
Looking back on this, I am somewhat surprised by her actions. If this had occurred in her locker room, I’m certain that I ‘d have been thrown out or arrested!

I was born in a country where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

I ‘d my first experience once I was 13. Its during summer vacation and I was learning swimming in a near by pool. One day, I forgot to wear the swimming torso and I realized that when I’m about to lose my trousers. I do not desire to go back home for my undies. So I chose to wrap a towel and keep to swim. used to slip off often and for the first time in my entire life that my skin got in direct contact with water below the sun. I felt the coldness of water as well as the warmthness of the sunshine with fully naked body. Its a sensational feeling and I fell in love with naturism for the first time.
To be blunt, I got into few sensual activities (like nude erotic massages etc) during my adolescent. But I never felt the real happiness in these types of activities and every time I felt guiltiness in my heart that Iam doing something incorrect. Nudism for me at that age is just glaring at nude women.
as soon as I reached my twenties, I started believing in a matured way and I started loving naturism. I ‘d the sway of few philosophers on my head, that makes me to select naturism. Infact , nothing around me is fascinating for me now than my own nude body subjected to sun.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

But as I mentioned before, naturism isn’t welcomed in Asia. So, beach nymphs used to restrict my activities within four walls.

Driving nude is like having a portable nudist resort! I mean

, I guess this is clear but I wanted to chime in with something to let everyone know I was read ing along, following the train of thought.

Nighttime is the greatest for low visibility by taller passing vehicles, but I never thought of driving bare during a rain storm!

Does anybody rely on bare driving as a means for staying alert while on LONG road trips?

Additionally, I’ve thought of the reality that if I was ever stopped and did not have enough time to put shorts on without being clear about it, that “technically” being nude in my automobile is legal. Right? If the patrol car is the same height as my very own vehicle and there’s NO OTHER REASON for me to be stopped, in that case why would the patrolperson believe I was nude? It’s not like there is a enormous “tendency” of individuals driving nude, bottomless, or topless, right?

Since I am a man it’s equally as likely that I was simply driving with my shirt off. If the officer cannot see you nude, then technically they have no reason to guess it.

So if my license license plates are present, I’m not speeding, all safety gear is working (blinkers, etc.). I signal correctly and I’m wearing my seatbelt, then I should not be stopped. Unless, with being Memorial Day Weekend, I get pulled over into a increased enforcement all vehicle test lane.

Of course, the overhead traffic cameras may present an issue also, and I think they are starting to get high-resolution cameras for these goals.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

In the hope he or she’d have to create another valid reason behind stopping me, and also they could not simply respond with, ‘It seemed as though you might be driving nude, Sir.’ (again, which I do not believe is cause enough to stop someone)

Of course they could always say, ‘We had a complaint from a different motorist of a driver in a vehicle similar to yours without clothes on.’ and this might be close enough to the truth as to “fly” in a just-need-to-get-my-monthly-quota ticket composing scenario.

Even being stopped for any other motive, if found in the nude, I believe every motorist should get the right to dress before departing their vehicle to comply with roadside sobriety tests. As it is possible to tell from this I’ve never been stopped for this type of test in my 28 years of driving.

(hmmm, perhaps there’s even a law enforcement officer in the audience who could comment on the technicalities of naked driving…)


“Why did not I think of going naked earlier?!”

Though I’ve considered myself a nudist, or naturist, for about 9 years now (I am 41) I

really began down the path to truly being a nudist right before I entered my early teens. How I learned of nudism I actually don’t recall. Since I was raised in an exceptionally traditional family I do recall that my parents opinion of it was not positive.
During the summer of 1975 my mom got a job. Up until then she was a stay at home mother while my dad went to work regular. With my mother working now too it meant that suddenly I had the summer house to myself during the weekday.
I began by being naked in the home while they were gone to work. Normally I’d only do stuff anyone might do but I ‘d do it naked. One time I saw some sunlight coming in through the front door and decided I liked to get outside bare.
At this time I should describe my area. It was an older blue collar neighborhood in a major Texas city. My backyard was a little bigger than half an acre. When they constructed the neighborhood they did not comprise an street. At the far back there were two really old wooden tool sheds (which play a part in the story after), some trees, and a close jungle of bamboo that blocked views to the dwellings in the rear. On each side of the back yard were other homes with only a wire fence dividing the yards. This meant our property was open to viewing by neighbors on both sides. They’d fences, trees, and constructions that meant none of the neighbors beyond them could be viewed. The front yard was average sized with a drive and no fencing or seclusion for the majority of it. We lived on a curve at an intersection with a different area road.
My first experiences going outside nude were in my backyard when my parents were gone. I found it exhilarating every time I did this. So I decided to find more ways to be nude outside more often. Which meant I needed to find a method to be nude when my parents were home.
I made the decision to convert one of the primeval tool sheds into my own private naturist resort. What I told my parents was that it’d be my club house. Of course since I didn’t have a club I guess that did not matter. It would have just seemed to them like another one of those ridiculous thoughts I had all the time. Among the tool sheds, which I guess had truly been a rather good sized workshop long time ago, was in pretty good shape structurally but it was a calamity inside. Decades of soil and junk had piled up. Once it was clean (to use the word loosely) it was time to allow it to be private. Plus, the other shed, which was bigger, gave additional protection from the view of the neighbors.
So I made the decision to push the envelope some more .
In the summer of 1976 I began climbing out my bedroom window nude at night while my parents were asleep. My bedroom window was on the side of the home using a brick wall separating it from the neighbors. But since it was dark no one could see me from the road. The single threat was if my parents chose to check on me and noticed I wasn’t in the room. Gradually I started to walk further and further into the yard each night. Nor could they see me from any windows.
But this was not the biggest risk I took. At the moment I also stopped using the back door to get to my backyard when my parents were gone. Instead I made a decision to walk out the front door nude, in broad daylight, and across the home to the front gate. But rather than use the gate I’d climb over the fence solely for the encounter. Anything to enhance the sensation of being naked. And this was when I began climbing trees in the back yard, which was dangerous as well.
Now comes the truly absurd portion of the story when it all falls apart. One day, Lord knows why, I chose to take the rubbish out while bare. Maybe I was nave and thought I could only get away with this since I appeared to get away with so much else. Or perhaps it was the delight of of getting caught. Recall there wasn’t an alley so garbage pick up occurred in front of the house next to the street. So here I go wearing only my birthday suit out to the street carrying a bag of garbage. And would not you understand it some neighbor kids (who I did not know) went by on their bikes, stopped and stared for a minute. I turned and walked back in the house scared I was going get in big trouble. Nothing appeared to come of this over the following day or two so I figured it was cool.
But when I came up I saw they were not happy. It was then that I learned the children had told their parents who’d telephoned the police. The police had arrived while I was gone to investigate a report of a flasher. Nevertheless , once they spoke to the children that had seen me they were so intimidated that they wouldn’t discuss and the cops agreed not to pursue it.
Now do not go thinking I was out of the woods yet. As I wrote before my parents were very old-fashioned and did not approve of nudism. They just could not understand why I would do something like this. So this ended my outside nudist adolescent adventures to say the least.
Off and on through the years after I’d still sometimes be naked inside while home alone. But even after getting married, my wife and I did not go around the house bare. Afterward about 9 years back I learned of Christian Naturists and discovered there was no conflict between my beliefs and naturism. In fact, I learned that they actually go together. By seeing naturist web sites I learned more of naturist doctrine and body acceptance. While my wife became a home nudist I accepted societal naturism as really being a large part of my own life.
Now whenever the temperature permits I’m nude at home. I’ve written numerous articles for the Christian Naturist newsletter Fig Leaf Forum. I keep two naturist web sites as well as participating here on Cat’s message board and others. And I am a moderator of a local Yahoo Christian Naturist group, which meets jointly monthly.

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So now I am participating in societal nudist occasions at house parties and naturist resorts. All my close friends are either naturists or know of and have no issue with my naturism.

of the kouroswere its nakedness,its youth, and, consequently, its attractiveness. But what was the significanceof

such nudity? The kouros appears to have been in some
Manner “archetypal”;it was used in a varietyof circumstances.
Like the kore, it could stand as a markerover a grave
or as a dedicationin a safety.41 A kouros occasionally representedApollo (fig. 2),42 and was occasionally
dedicatedfor an athletic success. Given the association frequently supposed, no doubt accurately,between the
nudity of the kouros figure and athletic nudity, it is
somewhat surprising to note that no kouroi were
found at Olympia.

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Kouroi and korai were the “emblems and embodiment of Archaic Greece’s aristocracy-its lovely people”; they were the observable
Sort of their ideals of beauty and nobility, of their
Epic arete and kalokagathia.43 Although I think a
Link with athletic nudity existed, I believe it
was indirectrather than direct. The kouroi were not,
as has been pointed out, primarily athletic. Their
various functions were all in some way religious.
They were gifts for the gods, or for the deceased. In some
cases, as mentionedabove,they really did signify
Brunilde Ridgway has sug-

gested the wide, leather-backed belt some kouroi
wear may have been an attribute of Apollo, and of
divinity. Based on Andrew Stewart, nevertheless, it
represented his is my guy Kyle and that is a huge cruiser behind him passing trend. Other aspects, such
fancy hairdos of various sorts may have implied
another spiritual organization, for which the nudity of
the kouroi provided a “costume”: the initiations of
youths into manhood, and into their appropriate rank.44
In Greece, fullfledged initiations are known from
Dorian Crete, and from Sparta. Inscriptions bear witness to herds of youths stripping off their clothes (ekdyomenoi), while the younger lads wore girlish
Garments. In Athens the association of the ephebeia still
of the participants, were the best known initiation rites in My first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I’d fits the notion of the holy quality of nudity: its nakedness signified a attribute of
initiation ritual. It referred to those religious dances
and rituals that called for the nominee’s nakedness as
a specific costume or custom. Maybe the elaborately
dressed pattern of the hair also represented part of a
Rite costume.

was to fight against Old Age, which conquers all humanity.49 As we have seen, a nude young man was
Consistently amazing, even if dead; a naked old man was
ugly, a thing of shame. In contrast to the large, erect
phallus of the magic, apotropaic body, a amazing
young man was characterized by a small penis. For
Girls, too, whether they were characterized naked or
dressed, in art, literature, and life, depilation and
Little breasts were part of the ideal of youthful beauty.o50It was more than an obsession with male nudity:
Athenians were infatuated, constantly fascinated, by
the charm of youth. Actually, if the nudity of the ephebe
the 16-year old ephebe. Until he became a hoplite at
beauty, on the verge of manhood, with only the bloom
of hair on his cheeks.”‘
This was the ephemeral moment of attractiveness Athenian artists needed to capture in their own statues of kouroi.
Fit nudity, additionally to be seen in the ritual, spiritual
Circumstance of early Greek nudity, although, as in the event
of the Rampin Horseman, mature guys also seemed

even among the primates, were well known in Classical Greece. The separation of athletes or soldiers according to age groups went back to early times, and
was observed at Olympia from the seventh century on
at least. The nudity of the athletes, which was so important part of the tradition of the contests held
every four years at the safety, must have been a
part of the initiation rites of youths, in the spiritual
context of the holy place.52
Greek and Roman writers pay a good deal of focus to the Greek custom of fit nudity.”3 Various
writers recorded the details of its source. They concurred it
but differed about the date and the individual in charge of this initiation.54 According to some, a specific
Orsippus of Megara won the footrace at Olympia
when he lost his perizoma on the way, concluding the
race nude while the others still wore their loincloths.
Lacedaemonian, in the 15th Olympiad (720-716
B.C.), who started the fresh custom. Thucydides additionally
credits the Lacedaemonians or Spartans with setting
the example for a custom eventually worldwide among

My first at home nudist experience was when i was about 13 and my parents had gone

I recall seeing something about nudism on the web and really thought I had give it a try at home. But this was the very first time i was nude all round the home. It felt weird at first but soon i got used to it, and pretty much did it every chance i got.
My first public nude encounter was last year at playalinda beach in florida. I had never been to a nudist area before cause I never actually had the chance. When I went to school, there were no nudist areas near so I never got to go afterward. Then when I input the real word I ‘ve had many chances to really go to White tail park through the years, but have never had the guts to go. I have been afraid that I’d be bored and I have heard the owners can be a bit excentric to single guys.
So a nude beach once I went to florida last year was the first opportunity to go in a public setting. I figured that if I didnt like it I’d just leave cause it doesnt cost any money of course. Thus, I went and it was brilliant. I had an excellent time… i was a little nervous initially, spent alot of time on my towel. But eventually I beat the anxiety and relaxed and had an excellent time. needed to leave.

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bbw nudist wound up staying nude as long as I could.
So I imagine both my encounters were very positive. I hope to get to WTP sometime this year, to experience a club type setting.

I wish I really could say that I grew up in a naturist family, spending my summer holidays running round naked

in the sun. But I cant. I grew up in the East Midlands in the united kingdom in the 1970s (I was born in 1968), with a perfectly ordinary youth. I only ever saw my parents nude once or twice, and I dont think theyve seen me naked since I was about 10.
So, I grew up with all the regular British reservations about showing my body in public. I think that my first exposure to naturism came on vacation in the south of France with my parents when I was (I believe) about 17 – my last vacation with them before I became a pupil and then left house. We stayed near Port Grimaud, and one day I made the decision to see what was on the different side of a large stony breakwater. Imagine my surprise once I saw a beach full of nude folks! Id like to say that I went and stripped off and joined them, but I didnt. Remember, this was a time when I didnt even want my parents to see me without a shirt on!
Anyway, when I was a pupil (living at home), I picked up a copy of Health and Efficiency from a store that had it as one of its own top shelf magazines (a phrase that will without doubt be familiar to British readers, but might be less so to those from overseas. Just remember that Playboy is a top shelf magazine!). It was interesting to discover a magazine full of nude photographs of what I came to think of as ordinary people doing regular things not models who seem to be auditioning for a gynaecological textbook. At the moment, I also begun to spend time around the house nude when everyone else was out, but this was more from the illegal delight perspective. Nevertheless, my opinion started to change, and I found that I really loved being nude, and envied people who could go on naturist holidays. I did handle a few days sunbathing naked in the back garden in a very rare time when my parents were on vacation and my brother was still away at college in a different town.
And that was it for several years. In 1992 or 1993, my girlfriend and I went to stay with a friend who lived in Poole, on the south coast. On the Saturday we went to their local beach for a walk, and my friend warned us that there clearly was a nudist section. It absolutely was Studland Bay, somewhere I had learned of in H&E (which I had long stopped purchasing, mainly because I had moved in with my girlfriend). So t here I was, walking along Studland, surrounded by nudists, but I didnt dare do anything. I mean, I used to work with my (female) friend (and did again a couple of years later) and couldnt imagine telling her hey, Id love to strip off here. For all I know, her and her husband might have been regulars, but that wasnt going to happen!
My girlfriend and I went back to Studland on our last day as the weather was fine, and I somehow plucked up the courage to suggest to her that we went to the nudist beach because I saw stripping off. She was pretty amazed, but agreed on the understanding that she didnt have to. I really loved it, much to her bemusement. I even swam nude in the ocean, which was just superb (if a little cool).
Over the next couple of years, my girlfriend indulged me and we seen Studland once or even twice annually and I likewise stripped off once or twice on a beach in France, but that was pretty much it. For the last 3-4 years however, we have been on holiday in French cottages, and weve always managed to be remote enough for me (and sometimes my girlfriend) to strip off by the pool. During the past couple of years, I’ve been doing a streak of photography classes (Im a very keen hobbyist), and the last one, in 2003, was social documentary. I fought for quite a long time to think of a subject, and from somewhere deep down I came up with the concept of doing something on naturism.
So, I somewhat nervously went to see them so that they could meet me and I could see what the photographic chances were.
There were some delays in receiving permission from the sports center they use, and in the end they said no. With this time, I had been 2 or 3 times and was getting to love it. Thus, even though my job was killed off before I ‘d shot any graphics, the team asked me if I wanted to join, and I did. I now go along once a month or so, and adore it.
More lately, I’ve been starting to consider making contact with one of the clubs not too far from Bristol one that’s its own land so I could maybe have someplace outside to see regularly.

I just returned from an incredible week at Club Orient on St. Martin. The very first morning I was there

After watching the dawn, I chose to take a walk up the beach. As walked a noticed that there were other nude and textile folks ahead of me. Since I was uncertain if the whole beach was clothing-optional I supposed the others ahead of me understood, and that if they could do it I could also. I walked all the approach to the north end of the seashore. Since I’d started out at our waterfront chalet, right next to the Papagayo restaurant, I’d walked almost 1 1/2 miles.

As I drew near one of them began walking in my direction. Uh oh, this can’t be great I thought.

Although the policeman did not talk English he used enough English words to get me understand that I was not assumed to be bare on the section of shore from which I ‘d just come. He wasn’t acting like he was going to detain me so I thought that it I acted adequately contrite he’d let me be on my way, which he did.

It turned out to be a great thing for me that he did because except for a gold chain I was wearing I had certainly nothing with me. No identification, no cash, no credit cards, no nothing. I’d left basically all my possessions behind, and actually it felt delightful. I’d strayed about a mile into “textile state” totally nude. No one appeared to care, and I had a ball. Ignorance truly is bliss.

After I went back to see if there had been a signal signifying the end of the clothing-optional beach, but there was none.

The sole other time during the week that we put clothes on was when we wandered up the beach again to go parasailing. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Club Orient and highly recommend it. We also highly recommend the Tiko-Tiko cruise to Tintamarre. It was our very first time at Club Orient, but it will not be the last.

Clothes conceals our bodies. They enables us to bury any shame or criticism we have of them deep in our subconscious mind.

Shame can be released and we can come closer to the genuine delight of existing in the body we’ve for this life. Although novices to Naturism often worry about feeling self conscious, in truth most self-consciousness melts away nearly instantaneously and is replaced by self-acceptance and unprecedented feelings of relaxation.
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.Public Naturism and Anti-Social Nudity Laws
Public and Societal Nudity Clarified:

It refers to the practice of going unclothed, without sexual behavior involved. It is considered to be social because those who participate take part in social activities that are generally attended while in clothes. Nudists (those who practice social naturism) don’t feel shame about their bodies and don’t feel the need to hide behind clothing.
It’s the general population that’s an issue with acknowledgement, not naturists. Clothing aren’t considered essential unless weather or other natural states require added protection. Without regard to the time or location, the members of a social nudist community are free with themselves. It is not a matter of flaunting their bodies or trying to be scandalous. Well, I think I was 14 or 15…. believe the human anatomy is a matter of beauty and there isn’t any reason to be embarrassed by it.
Societal nudity occurs in many areas around the world, at all ages and with all sexes.

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Throughout North America, you can find many popular nudist locations with bare beaches in Canada, Mexico, and the USA.
California and Colorado are two of the most encouraging states for those who want to participate in the naturist lifestyle. Traveling across the world, France is widely recognized as a state that takes the body and liberty of expression. Vacation packages for societal nudists are actually being encouraged in many other parts of the world, including Croatia, New Zealand, Corsica and South Africa. This way of life has become more accepted by others.
Social Nudity and Being Naked With Friends At A Bare Party
People who do not participate may not understand, but “live and let live” is now a popular philosophy. Societal naturists are usually not self conscious about their bodies. Living life without clothes, they accept themselves in exactly the same manner that most people accept the look of the face or hair.
Some would maintain that this is When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the house , drawing focus to some particular region of the body with sexual connotations. Yet, many naturists argue that each and every part of the body is innocent and complete approval should permit a decorative dash on any region of the human body.
There are various rules of etiquette followed by social naturists determined by the group and place. One common rule of etiquette will be to consistently sit on a towel while naked. Guys, particularly, may have a towel on hand to cope with the potential for erections.
Yet, this is another topic that’s up for argument. Some argue that entire acceptance should mean allowing the “natural responses” of the human body to take place with no shame. If women usually are not required to cover up, why should men be compelled to accomplish that? The entire purpose of being a social nudist is to achieve freedom in the limitation of clothing and societal expectations, to experience all of the sensations in nature in just how human beings were born.
Societal Nudity Laws