Hey, Im from Brighton in England. I’ve been a nudist for three years now.

Unfortunately for me, no- beach bum in my family knows about it and if they did, I ‘d most probably get grounded for the remainder of my own life! I come from an extremely traditional Christian family and they’d believe nudism equals lust and sex.

When I was http://rudenudist.com , there was a woman called Tracy Seargeant who streaked at the indoor Bowls Championship. Now, I’m by no means interested in bowls but it was all over the news for a few days. I had heard of streaking before but until then, it’d never captured my attention. I went online a few days after and sought for streaking. I scrolled through a number of sites that looked dodgy and discovered one called Streaking.org, I seen that site and found a forum there and read through as many of the posts as possible in the time I ‘d before someone came down the stairs to make use of the computer. As far as I really could tell, all these individuals were interested in being naked whenever possible; they called their lifestyle a nudist lifestyle.
A couple of days afterwards I was left at home by myself and recalled what I had read. I chose to take my clothes away; I was in my cellar where the computer was so I would have a lot of time to get redressed. The very first thing I did when I got online was search for nudist Christian; I wanted to make sure that what I was doing was okay by God. I found so many sites and after reading through a couple of them, I ‘d enough scripture to back up living my life nude.
I spent as much time as possible naked after that (which wasnt very commonly really as I shared a room with my younger brother). I also started sleeping nude (did anyone not start this way! Lol). I got into bed wearing my boxers and when I was under the covers, I took them off. I had to make sure I was awake before my dad came into my room to wake my brother and I; I needed to put my boxers back on so he wouldnt understand I had been nude.
I also began sneaking out late at night to streak my road (my influences back then were clearly streakers!). My road was a rather busy one and I was seen so many times that Im surprised my family never found out about it. Quite soon, I didnt bother putting my boxers back on in the morning.
This behaviour continued for about a year with little other differences. Initially, my father tried to get me to sleep with my boxers on but shortly he stopped trying. Afterward, I found out about the nudist beach in Brighton. I was fairly happy as I hadnt ever been nude with somebody else. I went down there for the first time in April 2003. It was strange being naked with other people but I wasn’t hesitant to get nude. It appeared quite natural. I visited the nudist beach for the entire summer of 2005. I also met some other nudists and spent some time on the South Downs with them. They have become the only nudists I’ve ever met personally.
We’ve now went to the different side of Brighton and I’ve now got more opportunity to get naked as I no longer share a room with my brother. However, I can no longer go out on late night streaks as the ground floor has an alarm system which makes a sound when it is turned off. I dont go to Brighton nudist beach quite often anymore because it is too far for someone with no car to go to. Instead, I visit the beach at Shoreham which is also nudist.

My First Nudist Encounter

I went to a beach resort in Montego Bay with two of my girl friends. To go we need to buy a pass which gives you access to all the water sports, tennis and food.A male, I was in the business of two of my girl friends who worked with me. We played tennis and then had a swim and couple of beverages. One of my friends as well as I kept walking towards the end of the shore and there was a sign “clothes-optional.” My buddy told the other girl, “Let Us go,” and she said she’d join as soon as she finished her snacks.

My friend, as she was from Europe, promptly took her clothing off and asked me to do the same. I was shocked for some time and told her that I’ve never done this before and wasn’t comfortable. So she gave http://nudismnudist.com to be be comfy.

There were many other nudist couples and groups, also few families. I was the only one with clothes on. So I made the decision to take a daring step. I went in the water with my friend and took my swim slacks off. The sensation of being without clothing felt awesome.

My buddy came out of the water but again my actual task was to come out naked out of the water and in front of everyone. Finally, I took a courageous step and came out and my buddy waved her hands toward me and said, “Good job. Finally you did it.”

The couple next to us and other family welcomed me to the family. No one laughed and I felt more comfortable. As soon as the breeze tickled my body, it made me feel amazing.

In a couple of minutes our other buddy came and congratulated me for becoming a nudist. The three of us spent plenty of time on the beach nude and did many nudist activities: swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. Every time now we go to Jamaica we go to the nude beach.

Once our ship went to St. Martinand we went to Orient Beach and spent an awesome time there. A couple more buddies have joined us.

Young Nudist

Bare swim started at 8 years old. I was at a youth center, we went to a lake, I really had no suit like other lads, so staff said go in nude, and I’ve loved it since 1973. I am still a nudist at age 46 years young.

-Robert F.L.
Skowhegan, Maine
New to Nudism

My lovely wife and I went on a cruse to the Caribbean in 2007. While there our tour took us to a beach. It was a nude beach and being bashful as bashful could be, I left my trunks on. I believed my wife was bashful also, but not as much as I believed. She couldn’t get nude fast enough with the approach that no one would ever see us again, or even attention. So, I tried it too.

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We both felt the same weight lift off our shoulders as is frequently described and discovered ourselves looking for other nude beaches on our trip.

This continued after we got back home. We additionally discovered San Onofre and then Glen Eden and others. I wish we experienced this 30 years ago. It is difficult to describe just how eye-opening and clear life becomes. Largely we have met great people and have started to live life again.

My favorite story!: So our children (one son and one daughter) weren’t too pleased with our new recreational activities, going as far as threatening us to not see our grandkids. They needed us checked out for mental problems. So as we meet with a Dr. Psychiatrist in Santa Ana, one our son lined up, we found out he is a life nudist, raised in this environment and has vacationed at nudist resorts in Vermont. His wife was very nudist as she would rarely wear clothing in any way. Our kids were so shocked! They weren’t very pleased again.

They’ve arrived at the beach along with a resort with us and carefully checked out who was there and how they responded to other nudists. Our children have since become lovers too; simply quite funny to us.

-Myron S.
Long Beach, California
First Time when I was Young

My parents have been nudist for many years and the first time they took me was when I was 11. We had just moved to Austin and we went to the Hippy Hollow area by the lake. When we got there, we saw tons of people — young and old — sunning and swimming naked. We were naked all of the time in my home. I ‘d simply never seen other people nude. My parents removed their clothing and set up a towel near the water. Then they said I really could stay dressed if I wanted. Not desiring to be left out, I took my clothes off too. The fresh air felt wonderful on my bare skin. We spent a couple of hours there swimming and speaking to individuals. There were other kids my age as well and I spent time with two guys and also a girl who was 12. They told me their families had been coming there for years. I had a terrific time. My parents and I went back every chance we got. We also got to know other families and spent time with them at our dwellings, naked of course. We’d show up, take off our clothing, and do whatever people do at dinner parties and BBQs. I now do that with my lovely wife and kids.

Houston, Texas
Saved our union

Ten years ago my wife and I were in a depression in our marriage. We were both 40 and needed something to shake it up. A buddy of mine suggested we see a nudist camp near our town. I thought it sounded like fun and suggested it to my wife. She was hesitant in the beginning but figured why not? So we booked a cabin and seen on Sat morning. I don’t have any problem being naked in front of people, but my wife is VERY shy. We checked into our cabin and suggested we go sit by the pool. I undressed but it took my wife thirty minutes to work up the nerve. Finally, she did. She wrapped a towel around herself and we left the cottage. I simply taken my towel at my side and appreciated the clean air as we walked to the pool. I nearly laughed at my wife’s absolute nervousness as we passed a bunch of nude people. They were all friendly and said hi but she never looked at them. She just hung her head down. When we got to the pool, there were only five people: Three men and two girls. My lovely wife and I sat on the loungers and she kept her towel on. It took another 30 minutes before my wife finally removed her towel and sat absolutely bare. I thought she looked so stunning sitting there without anything on. Nearly as soon as she was bare, a couple walked around. I really could tell my wife needed to catch the towel and cover herself, but she didn’t. I was proud of her. We talked to them for about an hour and after awhile I really could tell my wife was more relaxed with her state of undress. In fact she even got up and walked around with the other woman to get a drink in the snack bar. It was so surreal seeing her nude walking in a public setting like that. It was also as if I were seeing her for the first time through other people’s eyes. Later when we returned to our cabin, we had the best time we have had in years. Since then, we’re regular visitors to that camp and even spend our time at home naked. Becoming a nudist saved our union.

-Jack King

First time nude in public? Thatis an excellent question.

So young that http://rudenudist.com can’t recall. My maternal grandparents were practical and frugal, and that place the attitude towards clothes. Do not get your clothes dirty. “If you’re going to play in the mud, take your clothes away.”
As a child, I had a vitamin D insufficiency, and there were two solutions, cod liver oil (yuk) and more sun. Since sunshine was free and my parents did not have to induce me to take it, playing bare was the alternative.
Being raised in the rural Lower Mainland of BC, most of it was rural then, investigating (hiking) with your playmates (boys and girls) was the common action (no sports fields), if you got too warm, you went skinny dipping in the following creek, no big deal.
As a youngster I didn’t have a bathing suit or a tuxedo. “Why buy something which you’ll hardly ever use?” Going to the beach was a special event, possibly twice per year, and when we did, it absolutely was to one end of the shore. Mum had a bathing suit (the only one in the family). Dad went in the water in his underwear. Granny brought another house dress to wear in the water. Grandpa, my brother and myself went in the water nude but dressed on the seashore.
Would you think that my family was very spiritual at this time? They were, but “small attire” meant do not flaunt your wealth, not conceal what God created, your body. When I was a teen/young adult there were a lot of places in the Lower Mainland that we’d go to and party and skinny dip, but many of them have become regional parks now. My first wife didn’t have a problem with nudity, she would strip anytime and anywhere. I was too conservative.
When I was dating my second wife, Germaine, I in invited her to Wreck Beach. The response was “I Will go, but I am wearing a bathing suit.” While pursuing one of my sons, she fell from her top, and away it came. About 10 minutes after, “What the hell.” and away came the remainder. The subsequent year the climb/hike became a difficulty for Germaine, so we looked for a nudist club. We found and joined the old Sunny Trails Club in http://x-officer.com , and have been part of organized nudism ever since.
We’re probably not accurate Nudists/ Naturists because we really believe that nakedness is natural and not sexual.

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They really do not, or there will not be so many rules to prove that it isn’t. Don’t do this or that, or don’t wear this or that, because it might seem to be sexual. More on this at an other time.

Well, this entire story happened last summer, when my friend and I were spending our vacations in Palanga.

We met two girls from Riga who told us that they had located a nude beach on the shoreline. They said that ever since that time they had been sunbathing there, and, according to them, they were enjoying their time greatly. My friend had always been a dangerous girl, and so she managed to talk me into trying out this kind of beaching during some hours. The next day we met those two girls while having our breakfast and asked them how we could get to that nude beach. Having got http://atnudebeach.com took off and headed directly there.
I should mention that the way to the seashore was fairly long and tangled, and I totally relied on my buddy who appeared to direct the way unhampered in strict accordance to the directions given to us during the breakfast.
For those who have ever been to this place you have to know that the shore there consists primarily of dunes, that’s the shoreline is presented by hills and hollows which make this beach a wonderful spot for peaceful pastime, much from the eyes of strangers. This made the issues still more complex for all of us. Sure enough, we couldn’t have walked around looking behind each dune in hunt for nudists. But we were blessed. When we reached the place of our destination we saw a girl at some distance coming out of the water completely nude. Being quite certain that we’ve located the nude beach in question, we positioned ourselves for sunbathing in a sand hollow and got stripped. The weather was anything but hot, and so we had been merely playing cards and sunbathed for a while. Finally the moment arrived when my buddy and I began to get interested- after all, that was our debut one a nude beach, and we had managed to see just one bare girl to date! We made a decision to go bathing, and try to find some more nudists. Also that we heard some voices not very far from us.
When we showed up from our hideout and started walking in the direction of water which was some 500 feet away. Our neighbors were our first disillusionment. In the nearest hollow we saw a young couple spending their time sunbathing. The man was wearing his swimming trunks, as well as the girl was topless. Having decided that it’s a small flock that has not a black sheep, we walked on- I am reminding that both of us were bare. You need to have figured by now that on our way towards the water we hadn’t met a single nude person. Instead, our parade created a accurate uproar. Nearly all the male residents of the shore determined that this was the perfect moment to take a refreshing dip into the water. I made click with the feeling of losing my consciousness; our defiling was beginning to remind a free strip show. The last straw was that when we finally reached the water we saw the girl whom we believed we’d seen before bathing bare. She was wearing a swimsuit that was only the skin color! But this way or that, it was her whom we felt somehow comfortable with, so we approached her and asked where the nude beach was. Fortunately, she understood that place and gave us the precise guidance. It turned out that we took a wrong turn while searching for the nude beach and rounded right in the place where routine beachers from the nearby resort were spending time sunbathing. So, this is the story. It is pretty embarrassing, but still, it is entertaining.
During that trip we were able to locate the nude beach after all; we spent amazing time there and even got acquainted with some indigenous people.

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By the by, those people were quite all right, without any abnormalities or something, as a variant for your vote outlet. I’m not saying that after this my encounter in nudism I became a true devotee of naked beaching, but if there I were to choose between sunbathing wearing a swimsuit or naked, I ‘m most likely to select the latter.

I for one hate to sunbathe, prefer reading, board games, spinning, weaving, real hiking, dancing, crocheting, swimming (not floating

, which is just sunbathing on the water.) I prefer doing http://voyzone.com in the shade. We have several wild and mostly private acres, and have plans to develop hiking trails through some of it. We will then need to cope with poachers and armed dope growers using the trails. No where’s perfect! I’m mostly naked in the home when it is warm enough. Lately, I’ve started being naked when specific select buddies are here. I discovered I was uncomfortable being bare when the others were clothed, but I persevered and it got better. I presume maybe that clothing optional is not easier than universal nudity for me. Really though, I simply prefer doing anything in http://wildnudists.com than ‘civilized’ when bare. Except for the thorns.

Has anyone here ever gotten so used to being naked at home that they forget when they’re elsewhere? This only happened to me last weekend, we were working at a rendezvous (not a nudist site) as well as a huge wind blew up during the night. I sat up in bed and began to crawl out of our tarp shelter to be sure everything in camp was buttoned down tight, and realized I was about to go out completely bare with other people all around me.

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Afterward I actually thought to myself, “this wind feels so good, do I risk it?” The answer was, of course, “No!” but the purpose is, I really forgot about being naked in the first place. Anybody here done that?

When I was 7 several of us were playing. Among the girls said she’d get naked.

How cool. She asked the boys to join her and no one did, so I said I ‘d. It was just so great to be there naked and natual like that. It was the first time that I was ever naked with anyone and I adored it.
I never had a chance to be bare till I was mature. In high school we went on a trip with my family to St.Martin’s Orient Beach. It was so amazing so many naked people. My family was amused and I remained nude with them. Then I went down the shore, took off my suit, and walked down the beach naked. So many people nude and so many clothed. I loved it. I stood in line at a restroom naked and it was so tidy. I had to put lotion on parts that never were tanned before and it was http://xnudists.com to simply stand and do it. There were two girls watching me and it looked so natural. They were my age.
I spent the afternoon avoiding my family and being naked all day. I was solicited. One thing I did find though is that I was a little smaller … all right …. a lot smaller than every man there. You know what I mean.

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My small penis was about an inch plus a half soft and looked like a small mushroom cap.
Occasionally some girls would giggle when I walked by, but I didn’t care, I still loved being nude. I’m quite thin and muscular and girls say good looking, but I am very little, so it was embarrassing at first.
Now, I go to nude beaches whenever I can, I love Haulover in Florida. I evern trim my pubic hair really close and I really don’t mind if some girls giggle at my small little dick. I love it even though …
I go http://wnude.com/nudist-teens.html at my house whenever I can and when I go to school I am never going to wear clothes at home. I like to be naked as much as really possible. Sure, I wish I was bigger, but it just is not important. It does reach nearly 5 inches when I am excited, still small but oh well. Regardless how you look, you should get nude as often as you can. It’s the greatest. I am hoping this will help other guys who are little or girls with small breasts comprehend that being bare can be great regardless of what you look like.
And, in case you see a little guy, laugh should you’d like, but get to know him, he can be a great guy!!

I’m now on a gap year after school, and my parents allow me to go on a trip by myself to France.

I have been a closet nudist for some time although I ‘d hardly any great opportunities to get starkers through my youth. So this was my opportunity, I located a quiet clothing optional beach and stood there, wondering if I was really going to take the plunge. I slowly took of my top and threw it on to my towel then as I was calming of my towel, I thought “To heck with this” and took everything away. I was in paradise and although there were a few attractive girls nearby, I never got an erection. I ran like a madman to the sea and was instatly one with the surf and sand. This was the most pleasing moment of my entire life and I realised that I had finally achieved my long dream of being a nudist. I eventually tore myself out of the water and lay done on my towel to dry. So far better than a soggy swimsuit. I had heard how favorable nudists were through website, so I plucked up the courage to speak to aforementioned women.

It was going well initially, I told them about my excursion etc, until one of them made a dreadful opinion about my penis size (actually just typical) as well as the rest joined in. I was shocked my viewpoint of friendly nudists had merely gone down the pan. They started touching their boobs, presumeably trying to get me erected, and I walked away fighting tears as I covered my genitals.
This wasn’t how I had pictured my FTE to be and I thought it was improper to typecast http://nudist-video.net/naked-body-it-just-got-hotter-at-the-nude-beach.html because of these 3 dumb ladies.
So I got in my rental car and drove to a location I had heard was great. I arrived and, more cautiously than before, took off my clothes. After speaking to various other nudists, who were sort as I had anticipated, I walked round to the sports place. Now say what you like but there’s definately something captivating about seeing the “jiggle” when nude people are playing sports. The I met Joseph, a fellow Britain who I helped set up a badminton court, which we played each other on. It was only after I had won the very first game, that I remembered that I was NAKED. I was playing Badminton infront of some other guy with my balls outside (Thus the name) and I didn’ http://videonudism.com/exhbitioniss/nudist-ass.php . This was amazing, everyone here was naked but I wasn’t staring. Now I realise that I shouldn’t have let those girls get to me and I now know for sure that most nudists are fine.
Well Thank You for Reading.