I’m currently on a gap year after school, and my parents let me go on a trip by myself to France.

I have been a closet nudist for a while although I had hardly http://xelyd.com to get starkers through my youth. So this was my chance, I located a quiet clothing optional beach and stood there, wondering if I was really going to take the plunge. I slowly took of my top and threw it on to my towel afterward as I was easing of my towel, I believed “To heck with this” and took it all away. I was in heaven and although there were a few attractive women nearby, I never got an erection. I ran the same as http://tetyk.com to the ocean and was instatly one with the surf and sand. This was the most enjoyable moment of my own life and I realised that I had finally accomplished my long fantasy of being a nudist. I eventually tore myself out of the water and lay done on http://crazypublic.com to dry. So much better than a soggy swimsuit. I’d heard how friendly nudists were through website, so I plucked up the courage to talk to aforementioned women.
It was going nicely in the beginning, I told them about my trip etc, until one of them made a horrible comment about my penis size (actually merely typical) and also the remainder joined in. I was shocked my perspective of friendly nudists had merely gone down the pan. They began touching their boobs, presumeably attempting to get me erected, and I walked away fighting tears as I covered my genitals.
This was not how http://b-boyz.com ‘d envisioned my FTE to be and I thought it was wrong to typecast nudists merely because of these 3 stupid girls.
So I got in my rental car and drove to a spot I’d heard was great. I arrived and, more cautiously than before, took off my clothing.

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After talking to various other nudists, who were sort as I ‘d anticipated, I walked round to the sports place. Now say what you like but there is definately something captivating about seeing the “jiggle” when nude people are playing sports. The I met Joseph, a fellow Britain who I helped set up a badminton court, which we played each other on. It was just after I had won the first game, that I recalled that I was NAKED. I was playing Badminton infront of some other guy with my balls out (Hence the name) and I did not care. This was amazing, everyone here was naked but I wasn’t staring. Now I realise that I shouldn’t have let those girls get to me and I now know for sure that most nudists are nice.
Well Thank You for Reading.

Let me just start off by saying a little about myself. Im a 25 year old male and was brought up in

a house where nudity wasnt forbad, but it was understood that nudity proved to be a private matter.
I cant actually recall ever seeing anyone nude growing up. I did however like to be naked by myself and occasionally swim bare in our pool. I could hardly consider myself a nudist.
Now onto my first experience, which occurred just this past weekend. My aunt and uncle encouraged me to go with them to the desert for the weekend to ride their quads and 4×4. Basically merely a holiday. It had been a little over a year since I ‘d seen them and we got to catching up about whats new in our lives. It was then that they told me that they were striving nudism. The way that my aunt said it was kind of tongue in cheek , and so I thought she was kidding. So I mentioned, In Case you do it, Ill do it, in a joking tone. Nothing else was said about it during the remaining part of the drive.
After a day of riding and having an excellent time, I went into their travel trailer to get cleaned up while my uncle headed off into town to get more gas for the following day. My aunt was getting cleaned in the shower so I just began watching tv. After a few minutes, she comes out of the little shower entirely bare. After taking a brief look, my instincts were to look away at the tv.

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She then sat directly across from me and started running a comb through her hair. Having never seen her like this, I saw that she was in fantastic physical condition for a woman in her mid forties. Detecting that I seemed uncomfortable, she inquired if she should cover up. I told her that she didnt have to, it was her trailer and she should do as she pleased. Then I got up and took a shower. After leaving the ridiculously tiny bathroom (fully clothed), I took the same seat across from her and began to watch tv again. She asked me if I was open to the idea of nudism and what I thought about it. We began chatting and I discovered that I got used to her being naked, and it became easier to speak with her. She’d covered herself with a blanket from the waist down, so it seemed that talking to my topless aunt was simpler than talking to my totally bare aunt. I had told her about my closet nudist actions in the past. She told me that social nudism is far easier if you simply go for it rather than second guessing whether youll fit in. By this time, my uncle had made it back and was jumping into the shower. I told her that my chief stress was getting an erection, in front of my aunt no less. She told me that thats a common anxiety and that it probably wouldnt occur. But if it did, its not something to be embarrassed about, its a normal thing. She then got up to make dinner in the kitchen/living area (yea, its that small!). After our conversation, I didnt really mind that she was totally bare again. Paying more attention to preparing the meal, she inquired if I was interested in attempting societal nudism with them. I told http://voy-zone.com that I would enjoy to. So using her just go for it motto, I stripped off http://hqnudism.com . Good for you she said. Nearly immediately, my fear was realized. When that last stitch was off, and she turned around, I got an instant full-on erection. She only looked at me in the eye and said relax, the difficult parts around. I sat down and went back to trying to focus on the television show. After several deathly, embarrassing moments, I realized something really intriguing. I didn’t get an erection since I was turned on by my aunt (thank god!), I got one because I was naked in front of her. Having never been in this location before, I was reacting to it with a sexual feeling, where it had nothing to do with sex. Once I recognized that there was nothing sexual about nudism, I relaxed a lot.
Then my uncle came out of the shower and my humiliation emerged again. My entire life, I’ve been on the skinny side and have had poor self esteem because of it. But I could tell immediately that I was physically ,ahem, smaller than him in every way! We ended up talking about that and how self acceptance is actually a tremendous part of nudism. Those three days were probably the most freeing days Ive ever had. I came away from this excursion using a feeling of optimism and great self acceptance and self esteem. In a way, stripping away the clothes freed me from self loathing. I cant wait till the following trip!

I think the most difficult one occurred shortly after we were married.

http://voy-zone.com -laws lived nearby, and would frequently call in unannounced.

One sunny morning while I was working naked in the backyard my father in law walked round the corner of the house, and was right near me before either of us had the opportunity to avoid the position.

I stopped shovelling and tried to stand “strategically” whilst carrying on a marginally aawkward dialogue for some minutes.

He then went indoors to see my wife (his daughter). We (wife and I) laughed about it later, but it was never spoken of between me and F I L!

Oddest and http://etyzo.com liberating was being in a crown of 4,300 naked people posing nude in central Melbourne for Spencer Tunick in October 2001 – at some point of the morning it happened to me that whatever our race, we are much more similar than we are different – a fairly serious and reassuring thought coming so lately after the horror of September 11!

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I’d like to share a story that to a lot of you maybe

will seem somewhat indiscrete, as it’s about my then girlfriend and the lovely days we spent at one of the renowned European resorts. Since you may or might not understand, they’ve far more tolerance for public nudity on shores of Europe than they do across the Atlantic. And this is what my story will concentrate on.
We stayed at a little resort in Italy that used to be owned by a family of some duke or the other, plus it only could house 8 guests at a time. So Minnie and I took up a room on the 2nd floor smack above the swimming pool.

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You can find out the surprise and maybe even shock we experienced when upon arriving and unpacking, we went out to the balcony and saw the illuminated swimming pool where four other guests, two young women and two guys, were chilling out stark naked!
The very first thought was to package and leave the place, or have those debauchers removed, instead. But we were worn out by the long flight and moreover, seeing the late hour and jetlag which was beginning to settle in, we decided that tomorrow was another day and went out to find a cosy little tempo for a bite before http://rudefly.us went to bed.
I can’t say that seeing to hot young European smashers left me totally impassive, in physical terms. Obviously, I had to play it up for my girlfriend and falsify my absolute irritation, but I couldnt help noticing that both babes in the pool had certain DD sized cleavages and were otherwise awesomely built. Notwithstanding the covered miles, I believed that I was extremely excited. Going back to the image of those sex goddesses with their wet bodies, solid boobies surfacing above and shaved pussies hidden from view exclusively by several inches of pool water got my cock harder and harder until it was nearly too hard to be sure that it stays in my pants. It hurt like a bitch.
When we came back to the resort I hardly could wait to rip off the skimpy shorts Minnie was wearing. She grunted that she was tired, but I simply needed to give vent to my sexual frustration, or I felt that I’d explode with horniness.
As we were there in heap on the blankets of that small hotel, making out with the passion of our better days, I thought it was a great second to casually slip it in that I didnt mind staying there and maybe even joining the couples we’d seen the next day. I got Minnie so worked up that beach femdom uttered a word of protest! I could hardly contain myself with the exhilaration I felt at that point, the concept of joining this nudist business within our backyard so tuning up with the climaxing point
The next day during breakfast we introduced ourselves it was impossible not to, remember that the resort was a tiny one, much more like a little house. Other two couples that were staying there turned out to be affirmed nudists, nothing frivolous; it was sort of their means to remain associated with nature, or something along these lines. Needless to say that all the way through that blabbering I could not take my eyes off those magnificent tits on both of the girls. I can barely now recall their names, but I could draw the outline of every pair of boulders now hidden from me by vest tops. But I understood that much too soon we’d be rubbing shoulders in that comfy little pool in the backyard and I would be able to see those cleavages at a sniffing space
I wish I really could say that Minnie shared my enthusiasm for that strategy, it would be more reasonable to say that she had regretted her early permission to the escapade. But it was in her nature to actually go all the way into a disagreement to get more shit to hang on me when it finally piles up so that theres no avoiding a fight. By then I knew she would have it in the clear with me sooner or later, but she could not do so back then as she herself had consented to go.
Anyways, after breakfast we went out for a little trip and then I raced back to the resort while Minnie stayed in the shopping region of the town, believing that the small escapade with nudism pool swimming was not scheduled until much later in the evening.
When I came back to the resort, both couples were already chilling out by the poolside; one couple and the other man were resting in long chairs, and the gorgeous brunette was frolicking about in the pool behind naked! It felt odd taking off my swimming trunks in front of two other men, but if that was the initiation routine to join their nudist club so be it!
My only worry, quite clear, was what how the hell would I be able to hide my hard on. So I retreated in the backdrop and started watching from behind my sunnies. How exactly could I describe my experience of seeing a gorgeous pair of succulent Italian bottoms, flat abdomens with adorable bellybuttons and by Jove, the best boobs Id seen before or following that day? I needed to sit on the sidewalk, faking to be too hot to stay out in the sun, to conceal just how horny I felt. After a while I inched my way to the pool and took a saving dunk to cool down a little. There I was remaining for the biggest part of that afternoon, swimming together with those two nude nymphs in that not-so-big swimming pool before my Minnie joined us.
Now, if I remember one thing on my dying bed, this will be that hot August afternoon in Portofino where I had this marvelous nudism experience

Scene – October, early evening, sun just going down and about 70 degree’s. Me (Dingbat #1) the recently

discovered nudist discovers that the timer driven outdoor lights did not go on because I had forgotten to reset it.

Hmm, timer is outside in front of the house in http://beachnymphs.com , no fences anywhere and I live in a cul-de-sac. Hmmmmmmm, fast look, no one around…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…neighbors right next to me are gone, neighbors across the way live in their own back yard, and the other neighbors we don’t speak to…heck with it. It is right outside the door, NO ONE is around I’ll just step outside real quickly, change the timer and no harm done right? Right.

Open door, step though, shut door because interior lights are on and I don’t need to supply a comprehensive shadow to my clueless(about my lifestyle anyhow) neighbors. Correct timer, lights will pop on in 5 min. Amazing. Open the door…jiggle handle…jiggle handle furiously…devise swear words while feelings of overexposure place in.

Quickly look around while attempting to remember if we actually bought the spare key and had the presence of mind to place in outside someplace for similar, but clothed emergencies. NOPE! Still on free nude beach . Fantastic. Quick mental review of open doors…back door, open…no fence surban setting, (did I mention I dwelt on the corner of the cul de sac?) to far to walk, garage car door closed but for some reason, walk thru is split open.

The garage door is open. Amazing. I will simply quicly walk over that way and AS I TURN AROUND, my next door neighbors drive right up in the van AND my neighbors across the way who live in their own back yard walk by on the pavement with their dog.


We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

“Um….hi?” said while doing my best run while not running into the open garage.

Nobility isn’t a birthright, it is identified by one’s activities.

being relativly new to the universe of nudism I ‘ve

very few nudist experiances so mine would probarly be my first naked experiance, although more recently I met a girls at a beach who told me her first bare experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in the us, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she chose to check out a few of the local shores. after some time of searching she found a lovely serene little cove where there was know one else near and as the day had started out bad weather shrewd she had not packed her bathing suit but as the day had brightened up she believed that she was not able to pass up the concept of a quick swim and as the shore was desserted she didnt think anything of stripping off and taking A dip anyway after some time of swimming she started to get cold and so swam to a small rocky island about 50 yards out. after warming on the isle she started to make back toward the shore after reaching the shore she made the shocking discovery that while she’d been sunbathing on the isle the tide had come in and http://kors4all.com of her clothing running shoes and all had been required by the sea. she was stranded no clothes no towel and what made matters worse was that she’d walked to the shore so she had no automobile, there was only one thing to do she would have to walk back through a busy resedential estate in broad daylight stark naked, so she did it. she said that she should have seen over 60 folks over that to mile walk back to her flat an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats guts !

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