Crystal’s wardrobe

Periods the colors of the rainbow. Her fashion follows her
moods. One day, she mimics the butterfly with a gala
Dab of colours and butterfly earrings. Another day,
she’ll be away to play with kids she’s babysitting,
Whole with floppy sun bonnet and long coil earrings
Selected specially to bring a sparkle to the young faces.
Her bouncy walk and perky grin belie the fragility of
her slight five-foot frame.
Self-composed with her clothes on, Lead Crystal started out
feeling horrified at the thought of anyone seeing her

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She had lately lost over 75 pounds. She saw
herself as a mass of unsightly wrinkles and rolls of flab.
Then Crystal grew to adore a man who was a nudist at
heart. His energetic sense of humor, lack of shame, and
total relaxation with his physical body prompted Crystal to
Take a look at her own body with a less critical attention. He
portrayed for her the comfortable universe of nudity! His
Stature, and the wrinkles due to age, sickness, and weight
loss gave him the appearance of a garden scarecrow. Nevertheless, he
walked around his house in only a T- top.
Once she had experienced freedom and approval from her
nudist club event with me.
When I asked her what interested her in the clothing-free
lifestyle, Crystal told me, “I’m not interested in societal
nudity. I’m attracted to it. What draws me is the freedom.
It is only when we get rid of our cover ups that we have
even an opportunity to live in peace.”
Now Crystal has made friends within the nudist community
and looks forward to each opportunity to join in our
Actions. Naked and animated among friends, her colorful
personality shines even more brightly with her newfound
I’d like to start of by providing you with a little info about
myself. I’m 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I ‘ve been going bare since I was
Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except state and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking
about autos. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
curious about how it felt like to be nude in my
school I was on the cross country team.
Hello everyone, my name is Adele and I would like to say several words about my nudist family joked
about running there, but no one actually did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
made it there and saw the naked people.
I was curious regarding what it was like to be naked on
the strand, why these people did it. I ran to a form
of isolated part of the plage (only a few people
around me and were not that close.)
shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10-20 min.
I subsequently was relaxed and comfy enough to say to
my self I want to get naked and see what it feels
So off came my short pants and
Knickers! I sat there bare for a min. or two then
stood up. I will never forget that moment. What I felt
I can only describe as the most wonderful sense of
freedom I’ve ever felt in my entire life! I felt so
It was simply awesome to be naked
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt fantastic… so
Comfy I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that
experience and desired to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other fkk
beaches; San Onfre, (45 minutes north of blacks), and
San Onfre is fine, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to college in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. This is a wonderful beach!
Indications for models desired for art class. I signed up
and posed naked for the art class.
for me and it was fun. It was fantastic to see how each
artist painted me in their own manner. My mom found
the test from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family.
all merely laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
Weren’t offended or mad or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I ‘ve been to
two nudist resorts in CA. I had a really nice time in
both resorts. The people there were very friendly and
It was quite relaxing and
fun to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome people etc. Most of the folks were elderly
(30’s-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its cool
However to see all the young folks involved with
nudism in this group.
Today I go naked in my room
Nearly consistently. In addition , I go naked at the local naturist
Plage (Haulover). This is my favourite fkk beach.
Its very simple to get to, there are I was on a naked sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years of all
ages, and they sell drinks and hot dogs on the beach
weather. I love going bare whenever possible, its
Really comfy, feels great and life is more pleasure in
the bare!
Allow me to start of by providing you with a little info about

First Time Encounter

This may look a bit odd, but I first got interested in nudism when I was about ten years old. I read the Adam & Eve story and wondered what it’d be like to be naked outside. So I went out to a patch of woods near our home and took off my clothing.

It felt amazing with the sunshine and air on my naked body. I was hooked from then on.I still go for walks in the woods for a naked hike. I am intending to join WhiteThorn Lodge this year.

I also have being to Avalon Resort in WV.They have a nude bike show there in the summer. It is always a great time.

-Bob H.
Mannington, West Virginia
Scared, But For What?

Every summer from my late 20s to 30s I would go to the office of Goodland in Hackettstown, NJ and inquire all sorts of questions and chicken out and go home. Eventually the year which I turned 40 I got brave enough to actually enter the gate and find out what I was missing.

as soon as I disrobed in the parking lot I felt completely relaxed. This really is the very first time which I went into the pool and allow the suns rays dry me and felt the breeze softly caress my whole body.

Now I go to Rock Lodge with my fiance. was her first encounter. It was the very first time that I walked in the rain naked and I also had the opportunity to drive my car that way too. We locate the folks there to be somewhat friendly and we feel really relaxed there.

What I was afraid of I ‘ll never understand but I’m happy I took that first step many years past.

-Jim A.
New Jersey
Proud To Be an Advocate

Having been subjected to nudist magazines as a young child, I covered the pleasure of being naked. It was not until I went off to college that I was able to truly join a club in Spokane, WA. What a thrill having the ability to be with other like minded individuals of all ages. Upon moving to Seattle I had the opportunity to join another club in which I attended monthly swims.

While I am kinda detached from the west side clubs and resorts here in Oregon, I more than ever consecrated to the nudist lifestyle and promote it every chance I get with relatives and buddies. I can’t think of a better way to spend time residence or when the weather is nice outside. Once you’ve tried it, you will never look back.

-Rod N.
Pendleton,, Oregon
How My Wife Became a Nudist

I met my wife in 1961. We were married in 1963. I was hired by TWA in 1966. I chose San Francisco as my domicile. When we moved to California, we lived with Sharon’s mum until we found an apartment.

About 1968 we were listening to a radio show. The topic of the show was free beaches. I knew what they were but Sharon did not have a clue. I ‘d not brought up nudism with her since I had a bad encounter with a past girlfriend I tried to introduce to nudism.

Sharon requested (in a kidding way,)”You want to check that out, don’t you?”

I said, “Sure!” She said not without her! I mentioned, “Fantastic!, let’s do !” The following week the show had people from nudist resorts talking about national bare weekend.

The host asked why people would go to a resort and pay ground fees when they could visit the free beaches. They gave several great reasons. Sharon said the resorts sounded better and if we go we’ll go there. I asked her if she desired to visit Santa Cruz. We put on suits, short pants and t shirts. On the way I pulled off to a side road. Sharon asked where I was going; I said it was a surprise. as soon as I pulled in to a drive, she inquired again.

I told her it was a spot we heard about on the radio. She was uneasy. I mentioned since we were here let’s take the tour, that we did not have to remain. We took the tour, the guide said if we wanted to remain drive in, take our clothes off and appreciate! I managed to talk her into remaining a half hour.

She asked if we had to get bare right away. She said no, get comfortable, than get nude. We drove in, I got naked, but Sharon didn’t right away. It took her no time to take all her clothing off. She said she felt out of place with her clothing on.

We were nudists until she got cancer. Sharon passed away 9/11/2001. Not a great day! I restarted nudism after her passing.

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-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
My First Bare Experience

I ‘d been reading nudist magazines since I was in high school, starting about 1950. At first I looked at the images, but after getting bored I started to read the magazines. I decided that someday I’d like to be a nudist.

I continued to buy magazines while in the A.F. but at that time the law sometimes raided the nudist camps so I never tried to go. I was now free to go and I was in comfortable driving distance to a nudist camp, Zoro Nature Park.

I drove to the camp. as soon as I arrived the woman in the gate asked if I’d written to get permission to visit. I said no. He came to the gate, asked me if I was a nudist and how I understood about Zoro. I told him I had been reading nudist magazines for several years and needed to be a nudist.

He let me go in the camp for the day but asked me if I had a girlfriend. He said to bring her next time that I came. I said I would attempt. After the spring semester was over we both went home and restarted relationship. In around three weeks I requested Josie to go with me to this camp I’d seen in Indiana. I told her it was a real nice area, the folks were nice and friendly, there was a pond to swim in, volleyball courts, etc. I said I thought she’d love it.

She asked me what was this “nature park.” I told her there were trails through the woods. She kept asking to find out more and I finally told her we could go skinny-dipping in the pond. When she discovered that she inquired if this place was a nudist colony.

In those days there was no Internet for advice so I ‘d nothing to guide me to explain nudism to her. She called me a pervert, smacked my face and broke our relationship. Gee, I wish I’d understood how exactly to clarify nudism to her before asking her to join me for that visit to Zoro!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada

Pure ecstasy…

Like the majority of people investigating nudism, I was driven through an unshakeable interest: What would it feel like to be naked outside and in the organization of others? Would my nudity be uncomfortable or would it feel…good, natural? And the biggest question of all: could I actually bring myself to shed my clothes and my inhibitions?

All nudists have faced that “moment of truth” when they can either get naked or remain cloaked in sorrow. If you are simply at a nudist resort, and everyone around you is nude, wearing clothing actually makes you feel out of place, so perhaps it’s somewhat easier to “take the plunge.” Because it was clothing optional, I did not actually have to be nude to fit in. I was hedging my bets, I guess.

When I arrived, I passed by the pool where a half dozen people lounged, some naked, others in swimsuits. After quickly unpacking, I headed back to the pool. I wore swim trunks.

As I finished distributing my towel on the lounger, the nude people on the opposite side of the pool left, leaving me and two other guys, all wearing trunks. I was off the hook. I used to not have to get nude. It would be perfectly okay for me to get some rays without getting an all-over tan. In that instant, I flashed forward to the final day and envisioned that I’d spent the whole vacation clothed. I imagined a minute on that final day when I might be alone at the pool and ultimately find the nerve to slip out of my trunks and experience the freedom that so many others had loved all week long. I figured that if I was lucky, after more than eight days of choosing to remain clothed, I might not even like being bare…with the warm pool water and brilliant beams of the sun hugging my entire body. I understood it will be amazing.

So I got naked. And no one stared. No one laughed. No one pointed and whispered. Both other men poolside merely nodded hello, as well as the water rippled and the palm trees rustled and the sun warmed me. All over.

Sure, my heart raced for a little while. I thought, “I can not believe I am doing this!” But it was not long before my interior monologue changed to: “I can’t believe it took me 42 years to do this!” I really found myself feeling sorry for the two guys in trunks, along with the handful of others who would spend the coming days still clothed.

Throughout that holiday I also went to a sunning pier where nudity was permitted. Again, some wore swimsuits, others bared all. Not every naked body was perfect. In fact, none were. But I was learning that nudism isn’t about how you seem, it’s about how you feel. Additionally , I went on a naked sailing and snorkeling adventure. Pure bliss.

My moment of truth was liberating. The moments since – shared with other people who’ve also found the joys of nudism – have been nothing short of wonderful. Is not it time you set yourself free?

-Bob C.
Don’t Leave Planet Earth Without Trying It!

Perhaps telling about my first experience with nude recreation will lead you to that end. I was vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean. As we were leaving, I found the excursion was to an isle with a nude beach! I made the decision to go anyway, thinking no manner was anybody getting me out of my suit. Why hadn’t someone told about this sooner? I was hooked, and that was over 40 years past. The phrase, “naked when possible, clothed when practical,” definitely describes me.

I admit that my first reaction was that this is some thing that wasn’t an acceptable practice. I was unaware that there are national organizations and didn’t understand anyone who could shed light on this relaxing lifestyle. The literature available now tells it like it’s. Everyone will tell you that after you have made your first visit, the sensation of apprehension will vanish. Until you experience a thing for yourself, words cannot let you know how you need to feel or how you ought to act or react. I can add one more sentence of encouragement: Don’t leave Planet Earth without at least attempting this amazing way of destressing and relaxing a opportunity.

-Cheri Alexander
South Carolina

Hello, I have not yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I’m a nudist, but am only 18 so I estimate I have plently of time to, nevertheless I have had many occassions when I have purposely selected to be bare and have actually loved it.

I got a fairly conservative upbringing however my parents perspective is essentially it is alright for individuals to see you nude, you must not be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all of the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I’ve just in the past six months I’ve started sleeping naked, I’ve found it quite confortable and clean and even sleep better, my parents have woken me up some morning, locating me naked, I utilized the justifications “i couldn’t locate pj’s/boxers, hot nighttime got really hot and itchy” etc, clearly I should have said, its more confortable, I sleep better, heaps of ppl do it, but being worried about their view of me I didn’t say the above.
About 3 months ago I went back to a mates house late one night with 3 girls and 4 men (including me), all close firends, being summer we made a decision to go for a swim in his quite warm pool. guess the plan was to swim in underwear but two of the girls said they were not keen because they did not have bras on, because of the dresses they were wearing, My male friend said, ive got my boxers but am going in nude cause this is what im slepping in. A great alibi! and then my other friend said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male mates got in (nude), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she’s a very comfortable style). I having swimmed nude in my own pool did not feel to uncumfortable and dived in. Among the girls believed it was kind of funny and took her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom underwear on), followed by the other man (naked) and the last girl (in her underwear). It was amazing, there was tons of laughter at first and a bit of covering up,but shortly everybody became more relaxed and we only spoke normally and swum about for hours. Although I estimate it was booze that played a part in folks being so assured to simply dive in, including me, it was a great chance and explanation to do it. But the best part was that it was non sexual, just a group of friends enjoying there firm, naked, there was no questions asked or encouragement for the other two girls to strip fully, because it was an individual selection. Too often people think that once you’ve gotten nude it’s to escalate to sex.
Another encounter I had was in the country within our property, I was working out on the farm (middle of summer), and was extremly hot, there clearly was no about the house, so I got naked and in the cold spa,put on the jets, this proved to be a very relaxing experience. My father appeared out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then noticed my knickers realising that I had just jumped in. He having been additionally working thought it turned out to be a fantastic idea as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and concealing under the bubbles. I was quite pleased that he had done this, it seems that people are willing to go bare in some situations for example spaaing but not in the backyard, round the home, in the beach etc which is a pity. I hope to find another excuse to go bare and encourage people in my family to go naked.

Nudism isn’t a religion.

Belief in something which cannot be proved. Nudism is a way of life as well as a form of recreation. Nothing else. The benefits in the form of physical and mental health are tangible and easily proven. The person who began this movement to possess declared a religion clearly did not believe it through. While sexually oriented nudity could still be shown in the movies and TV wholesome, family oriented nudism being a religion couldn’t. These three things are essential to the development of family nudism. 1) More public lands ought to be set aside for clothing optional use 2) nudism ought to be taught in school as a perfectly satisfactory alternative way of life and diversion and Social Studies courses should introduce students to the numerous nations, largely former Socialist Block states, who embrace nudity 3) nudity should be depicted in the movies and on television as being perfectly normal and natural rather than being sexually billed and titillating.

I got a very tough job.

I usually do not work in a mine or something like that, but it’s a place that holds innumerable duties, including the livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands of those who work under me. I work pretty much 15 hours a day, seven days per week. I also have a family that I see in passing; I think I ‘ve three kids at the moment, one girl and two boys. My wife used to be hot when I married her, but I haven’t seen her in three months and she could have grown an arm out of the side of the head, I likely would have missed it. I’m telling you all of this because you must understand the reason why I go on a one-week holiday every year, all alone.
I don’t take my wife. I definitely don’t take the youngsters. I don’t take my phone or my computer. As far as everyone I know is concerned, I don’t exist for those 7 days. And I always make it my business to go somewhere where it’s highly unlikely I’ll meet any Americans. I do not wish to hear our accents and I usually do not want to feel like I’m on exactly the same planet as the folks I socialize with during the other 358 days of the year. This past year, for instance, I went to Croatia, this small nation somewhere in the Mediterranean, a great little nation with great seaside and with amazing food. But all of the tourist items doesn’t matter. But I’m getting ahead of myself
I got to this little place where I was staying early in the morning. The sun was only coming out and I made the decision to take a walk down the shore before anyone gets up and comes to the shore. Literally no one. A couple of seagulls and that was that. And then I saw a figure in the distance, coming towards me. A jogger. As he was getting nearer to me, I can affirm to you that I could see the entire world in slomo. As he was running past me, I could see his sculpted under his sweaty clothing. I could smell him, I really could feel his heat.

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I observed him again and I realized he was seeing me. I did not have nude beach bodies of what to believe. I mean, I was not fearful or anything like that, I am not an asshole. But it was confusing, that’s for sure.
The next morning, as I was taking my morning swim, my new buddy did not come running. He came by boat and just showed me with a gesture he wants me to come into the boat with him. I don’t know why, but I did it. He told me his name was Andrei in the most amazing Russian accent English I had ever heard and I told him my name. I asked him where we were going and he said that I would see.
When we got there, I understood that it was this small, totally secluded beach where no one has set their foot in decades and where no one could maybe drift to. We disembarked and as we got to the shore, Andrei undressed and stood there before me, completely nude, with little beads of sweat running down his torso and with his fat cock hanging down. You can only imagine what occurred that day and I can tell you that this, my first encounter, was something that I never dreamt would happen, let alone with a complete stranger, a Russian guy even. It was the very best day of my own life. And that is him. That is my Andrei.

Some years ago a lovely couple and my wife and I used to live next to every other. and our kitchen window were separated by only a couple of feet (their driveway) and faced each other. At times we used to joke that we used to live with each other. One hot summer I recall working on remodeling my kitchen – something I would do in the nude and before going to work, my friends wife used to come out, fully clothed, through the kitchen door to let their dog outside . Many mornings we used to say hi and speak a little through the window before she went to work. I never asked her if she had seen me or not. If she did she must have been very comfortable with it because she never commented on it.

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The issue she was clothed and I wasn’t apparently was never a problem for either one of us. because her husband wanted to try naturism. He asked all kinds of questions and my partner and I replied as many as we could but there isn’t any substitute for personal experience. He was prepared to go but had not been able to convince his wife to go with him to the exact same resort my partner and I used to see. He had seen my wife and I bare on several occasions as we shared with them images shot in the resort we frequented. Other times, he saw her when she used to proceed to the kitchen for whatever reason and they’d speak with one another through the window and I was there on several occasions as a piece of the dialogue. Although he was completely clothed during those instances when we were there speaking through the window, he responded very naturally about the entire experience. I know my wife also got a complete glance of him a few times when he eventually began to practice with the idea of naturism and sometimes paraded naked round the home. According to my neighbor, his wife also began to experiment together with the idea of being bare and regularly went from the bathroom to their bedroom without clothing while the kitchen door was open and may potentially be viewed from our house – but we were never privileged to see her. It is not like my lovely wife and I stood there at the window to peep – whatever happened, happened… or not.

After some years, we (my pal and his lovely wife and us) moved to various towns but one day he called me to tell me that they had eventually made it to the resort that we had advocated and that his wife took to it like a fish to water. We made many strategies to visit the resort together or meet there on a few occasions but for one reason or another it never occurred. After 30 years of naturism my wife isn’t any longer cool with the lifestyle been there, done that attitude actually, more concerned concerning the sun and the damage it causes she required extensive treatment from a doctor to correct skin damage and now has a powerful anxiety about cancer. Nonetheless, my buddy and I sometimes email or call each other and stay in touch and he tells me the stories about their experiences at the resort.