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Its a dorky girl thing, but I get downright giddy when given a chance to buy clothes. I appreciate the sympathy from my last contribution. Thankfully I was able to find relief from fashion crisis at the outlet mall thanks to a "back to school" check from my Nanna. Cute clothing or not, I spent most of the week obsessing over homework and lack of communication from the boy I was seeing last semester. It amazes me that in such a short time he went from hanging around to helping explore my sexuality (alot is in the videos on my site), and now he's ignoring me. My flatmate says I should take it as inspiration to work harder keeping my marks up, but she has nowhere near the fascination with sex that I do. I took a break from studying to see how this new outfit looked. Looking at the pics, I feel a tinge of self-esteem brewing, so its only a matter of time until I make a complete fool of myself. :)

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She is a 40 plus Mother of four.She is beautiful and well fit for her age.Not many wives would leave their spouses such a present now and then.Lucky or what?She also holds down a very responsible and life saving job.She's fun and always has been.Incidentaly, In Europe we don't have the same facination for shaving as you may do in the colonies, so for those with the negative 'hairy' comments and the 'Shave' shouts, button it.Shaving is a matter of choice not necessary hygiene.There are pros and cons to shaving.Thanks to those for the good comments and I suspect the negative ones are from unlucky non contributers.

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