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Rose - A Question Of Etiquette - The long time Manager of a partner firm to ours was retiring and they were having a semi casual retirement party for him. I got on very well with him as he has always been a pretty open-minded businessman not stuck in the conventions that seem to be so pervasive in many companies. As the owner of the company I now manage lives out of State, it falls upon me to represent our company at these kinds of functions. Now I know the convention is that one should not wear white after Labor Day but I really liked this white dress, and as it was still relatively close to Labor Day, I thought I would wear it anyway. Thorn insisted that I wear a thong to the party - which is ironic as he spent so long trying to convince me that I really didn't need to wear one under it at other times! Obviously I was a lot more business-like and discreet than I am in these pictures however I sensed disapproval from a few of the assembled guests - mostly from other women come to think of it. My question is, how seriously do people take these old 'rules' these days and do you think that the funny looks I was getting were because I was wearing white or because it was too risque? Or shouldn't I care anyway?

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I haven't posted a contribution in a long time. In fact, the last time I posted was after my BF and I broke up and I needed some cheering up. We got back together soon after that post and I thought we were doing well and very happy. But, a few weeks ago he impulsively decided to end our long term relationship, which came as a shock. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but nobody is perfect and I loved him, despite his shortcomings and I thought he felt the same about me. I told him at the time and I still believe it, that he will regret this decision. Besides being a loving and thoughtful girlfriend, I loved sex, loved being naked in public and even loved public sex with him! Oh well, it's his loss. I am worthy of a man, who will love, appreciate and respect me and not run away when things get tough at times. So, if the guys out there like this contribution then please leave a nice comment and vote for me?

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