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A Voyeur's fantasy in two parts I generally hate using a 'Temp' secretary, but when I am staying at a Hotel in another city, I don't have any choice. They usually send either some flaky twenty year old who knows nothing, or some matronly type, that tries to make me feel like I know nothing. I still can't believe my luck, Rose, the girl they sent, is in the suite's foyer adjusting her thigh highs, and she is something special! I ask her to come in and get set up as I explain that I will need her to answer phones as well as type letters, and I nearly choke on my coffee when she bends over to plug in her laptop. I begin to dictate, but the phone keeps ringing and interrupting me. I pace around the room, ostensibly collecting my thoughts, but in reality watching as her skirt rides higher and higher up her thighs. I apologise for the heat, and explain that the air conditioning is not working at the moment, to explain why I have broken into a sweat. Standing behind her I realise that the top button on her jacket has come undone, and if I stand in the right place I can see this perfect breast enclosed in a sheer black bra! She does not appear to be aware of my scrutiny of her, so I take a seat on a low sofa in front of the table she is using as a desk, and watch breathlessly as she swings her legs open and closed. I cannot believe it! I can see her wonderful legs all the way past her thigh highs, past the exposed creamy bit of her leg to her panties. Through them I can see her pubic hair nestling beneath the sheer black material! After what seems a lifetime of voyeuring, finally, it seems, my fantasy is coming true ...... TO BE CONTINUED...... (and he keeps coming up with these!!! *W*)

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Norseman took me out to lunch today and for a nice long walk around the block. We started off at the cafe where we had lunch. I think the people who were sitting around us all knew something was up because the waiter kept posing with me for flashing shots. Then I walked out into the street, there were some people getting into thier cars, and they seemed quite suprised! They had a really great sense of humor about it! Cars came by and I just kept walking, it was so exciting...It was even fun to distract the drivers a little...I didn't know quite what to do when they stopped. So I just waved and kept going...We gotup around the block and Norseman told me to walk all the way to the stop sign and that would be it for today. After the bus went by we figured we had better get back to ourcar!I had such a great time!It was such a thrill, and makes Norseman crazzzzzy!!

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