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This contribution fulfills some request for more shots of Kira in all her wet glory. From her sexy damp hair to her moist body, what isn't there to enjoy? She was in quite a sassy mood when we spoke online earlier tonight, because when we were talking about these shots online and I commented on how good she looked, and she replied with "yes, but don't we all love it best though when I am moist in certain areas?" Even though Kira can be self-conscious about her pussy (strangely a lot of girls are), she has always been one to brag about how good it tastes. In fact, we spent a good while discussing that one of the first times she IM'd me online (before we actually even met up, hooked up, and took pics for our site). I thought it was really hot that she got turned on tasting herself, and kind of kidding with her I asked how it tasted. When she replied with "like a mix of cinnamon and honey," I told her she couldn't give set it up like that and not deliver. I'd say that my boldness has worked out quite well for all of us!

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Since I've been back from break, I find myself reading more than ever. I got a fair number of gift certificates from my family over the holiday, so I could finally purchase some of those titles that I would be far too embarassed to ask for. Of course, most are dorky psychology books and informational texts, but there are a few of a more adult nature that I would not be able to request without blushing terribly. The better part of the past week has found me buried in a book, so my flatmate found it fitting to start taking photographs of me as a means to be funny. I went with it, and even though my hair is not quite how I like it (I can think of far better hairstyles I've attempted in other contributions here and on my website), I thought these turned out pretty good.

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