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Please Title "Afterhours Austin" - (Taken 2-12-99) I am sure you all, out there, know about Austin. It is now rated the number one place in the US to locate a business. Well, in addition to the great business climate it also have a great Afterhours climate. And the Afterhours Photography is even better. This year was the first Marti Gras parade here in Austin, and a lot of fun it was. It had a rather slow start, but by the end of the night there were girls all over getting on the shoulders of guys and flashing the Funbeadobags for Marti Gras Beads. Most unfortunate is that I only have one camcorder battery. I missed a lot toward the end. I will submit two sets of pics that I grabbed. I hope you all enjoy this little bit of Austin, Texas, and if you want to see a lot more next year, vote for me, I promise to use the money to buy another camcorder battery. Best Regards to all,

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Here's some flashing pics from my recent trip to Michigan Speedway to see the Bush 200 and Funbag 400 least I think those were the race names. I told all the 'models' that I was an agent for The Voyeur Web and personally represented the site's webmaster, known only as Kate. Sorry for the tall tale Kate but sometimes you have to modify the truth to get what you want. Upon hearing this information, they all felt compelled to do their part for the good of your site. Hope you enjoy. I think the quality could be a lot better but I will be working on that in the future. The video itself is much better though. It they are worth of posting at your site, title them, The Pepsi 400 - P.S. Sending this in 5 separate zipped files using AOL 4.0. Hopefully you will be able to open them OK at your end. Let me know if not.

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