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Lexi - Smack My Bitch Up How in the fuck did my sex life get so much drama? LOL. Have ya ever hooked up with someone that ya just wanted to smack every minute you weren't fucking? It's like that cause I wanna beat the shit out of my hot co-worker every second he isn't stuffing me full of that seriously thick cock of his. And let me tell ya, I'm not so sure he can even fuck me enough to keep my frustration in check anymore LOL. No one was in the office this week and we ended up going at it a few times, but he was nailing me pretty hard and I clawed his shoulder. He freaked out and got all pissed at me. He is such a fucking pussy! So this cat's got claws take it as a complement LOL. I spent most of the weekend drinkin with the girls and catching up on some comments here and emails through my website, then taking some pics. Sure it gives me time off from the drama, but I've got issues with the serious lack of cock LOL. Hey, sometimes ya just need the right mix to balance it out. :)

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Many of you already noticed that I have been gaining weight and trying to hide my pregnant belly in some previous posts. Anyway, its true, I'm pregnant - over seven months now. I've decided to show you pics of my body developing over the next two months. But don't worry, I've also stockpiled some non-pregnant pics that I'll be posting during this time as well. I still like to go out and show off my body. A bare pregnant belly is acceptable these days, thank goodness. Actually, I've noticed that men look at me with a big pregnant belly more than they did when I was thin. . .kind of weird. I'm so very happy about being a mommy.

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