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Mark and I had a fabulous vacation! To wrap up our 7 nights in San Francisco, we headed to New Orleans to party Mardi Gras style. Even though it asn't February, there was no shortage of beads or party goers! We ended up meeting some friends for dinner and then heading to Larry Flints Hustler club. We sat in the VIP section and I got my first lap dance (it wasn't anything to brag about). Well, because it was a slow night, they shut down the bar in VIP and all the dancers went downstairs. The girls in the group really wanted to dance so the manager agreed to let our group of people stay upstairs and dance on the stage. It was a blast. As all of you know, lcohol works wonderfully to release your inhibitions. The manager told us we could dance topless if we wanted so we did! It was great. Here are a few shots captured on film... Please keep in mind, these were taken after 2 days of solid drinking so while we don't look so great, we definitely were having a party. Afterwards, things moved forward to our hotel room... but I'm saving those photos for my next contri.

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*FW Sativa Has It Her Way! When I read about the new contest this month on nudist (and all the wonderful comments of encouragement in my posts) I thought about a fantasy I had since I was in school. This is to go through a drive-thru naked. I always wanted to know I made someones day or kept the crew laughing and talking about this nudist chick streaking by their window (perhaps make the off duty workers jealous?) So my friend and I order 6 burgers, 2 fries, and a soda to keep them busy getting our stuff, so my girlfriend could snap all these shots!! Hope you enjoyed this because it certainly made my day! Photo Comments: 1- I was already driving naked from my home to the ordering station right up to the first window where I confused the man giving me change. I was exicted!! 2- Smiling for the camera as the worker closes the window yet can't stop looking! 3- Now I'm at window 2 to get my "happy meal". I'm first helped by a woman who is startled and I believe tells the man in the background with the red neckline 4- The woman is now hunched over screaming in laughter while the man in the background is staring at me through the window. 5- His exact words to me when he opened the window "uhhh... what are you doing naked?" 6-"Hey I'm having fun, live a little!" We both laugh and get a great happy shot (see this is proof mcdonald's serves you with a smile). 7-Still smiling from recent events but my food is just sitting on the counter 8-While my food waits the word is spreading throughout the staff that I'm sitting naked at the pick-up window. 9-Okay I see they are prepping my soda. My number one rule is to have fun and always play it safe. When I drive I buckle up!! 10-Hmm... interesting the ladies that work there are starting to come check things out. No kiss good-bye? ~Peace Love & Happiness

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