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This is our third contribution - thefirst twowere "Bear BrookPark" and "Bear Brook Dominatrix" - hence the name of this submission. These pictures were taken during our secondtrip to a "Dungeon" in Mid-town Manhattan NYC, this one on Labor Day weekend. To recap - back in January we researched and visited a high-end "dungeon" to try out just for the fun of it. High end because we wanted it to be safe and sanitary (the downside was expense, this time two hours was $460 including tip). The two of us are not big into this particular fetish, but we find it exciting to dabble a bit occasionally - variety is the spice of life. The main reason wevisted again was to play with more of the wide variety of toys the dungeon had. This submission issimilar to our last one,just with new pictures taken duringour second visit. The dominatrix we hiredthe first time had left the dungeon (we figure it's a high turnover profession) and thedominatrix wehired this time around was significantlykinkier giving us a different experience from our first time. We had been given a tour of their facility the last time were were there, so this time we could ask fora room with a bunch of the stuffthat had caught our attention the previous time. The other big upgrade fromour last trip is webought a Sony MVC-FD73 camera so the picture quality is a bit better. The dominatrix we hired took most of the pictures. Sorry about the severe face masking - but less masking would result in no pictures for Red Clouds (it's an imperfect world). Comments of all kinds are welcome.

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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor and crew, We went camping a couple of weeks ago and were hanging out by the campfire with a group of friends. Leo dared me to strip and pose for a few pics...so I did! That fire was hot and I was worried I would have 2nd degree burns on my butt, hehe. In the last pic, Leo had the brilliant idea (not) of me toasting a s'more on my tush...can you see it? We didn't use the flash much to show the natural lighting of the campfire but the digital had a little trouble with the shadows. Hope you all enjoy and I'll be looking forward to your comments. Kisses, (Pictures taken by hubby Leo)

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