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Hi RCer's. This is our contri from new years. It involves porns best friend. He is not the slickest of characters but an extremely nice guy. He has the worst luck with woman. He just needs to work on his approach, but he is a sweethear anyways once you know him. So anyways he came out for newyears,not really expecting what he got. Me and porn had it set up. He hadn't had sex in four months. Well he definetly got his fun for the next three days, he remided me of porn when I met him. He was on some wierd soul searching celebacy kick. Porn hadnt had sex in three years after he whored it up before that. Says he was searching for something that he never felt, apparently he felt it with me because he broke his spell when we started dating. It wasn't easy he defintely played hard to get, but he was a hottie when I met him and I was bound and determined to make him mine. So he we are four years later happy as can be. The whole point of that story was the animal passion of having a man with built up fustration. They just go to town. Porn still has it, he is a wierd character, he has a sex drive that is unfounding of a 27 yo. He still attacks me like the day we met, that might be because the way I tease him at home. So anyways, we want to thank all the nudistand nudist people for the great website And.....a big fuck you to the LDS males( you know little dick syndrome, its commen in males that lash out at others for reasons that make them seem bigger), no need for your selfish comments, get a girl, get a guy, get a life and move on.

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Ok. I've tried submitting two contributions that were a little explicit, since several of you have requested them. Unfortunately, they were apparently too hardcore even for RC! I can't believe that women can play with toys (and other things) in every orafice and have 4 or 5 guys doing what they will with them... but a guy takes a few pictures with a dildo, and it's too rough for this audience. If you're interested in seeing the explicit photos, I guess you'll just have to leave your email, and I'll get them to you! Thanks again for the great site! Sorry to be so explicit... I'll be more careful in the future. Still looking for a photographer, if anyone's interested.

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