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Wanting to try out our new kayak, Debbie and I headed to a small local lake, figuring we would be the only ones there...ooops! Got there to find a few cars in the lot, so she wasn"t sure if she would flash or not! I managed to talk her out of her top for a bit out on the lake, when most of the people were too far away to see. She finally got comfortable with the top off, and left it off while we were loading up the boats. No one was around, so I put my phone in the truck...and THAT is when a middle-age woman who was out hiking snuck up on us! Haha She got an eyefull! She just smiled, waved, and said "nice day, huh! ? Then continued on her way! Hahaha! Sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to ask her to pose for a pic with Debbie!!

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Reading the comments makes me smile. I blush at some, and then my smiling face turns all red and I look like the Kool-Aid Man. I do appreciate the sympathy and understanding though--yes, I KNOW that I am a TOTAL dork! Although, a friend of Brandon, my sort-of-ex, sent me an email through my site saying some of the pics and video tainted his innocent view of me as "that goofy girl Brandon hung out with." I guess that's progress! As I've learned in my psych class this semester, we can't always control how other people see us. Since there were requests for more dress-up photos, I decided to just be myself and let the dork flag fly.

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