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Hello Everyone, The following two sets of pictures were taken after receiving one of my 'Wish List' gifts from a loyal fan. Luckily for all of you he was gracious enough to allow me to share them with you. These are his favorite 20 pictures from a set of 48, the rest of the pictures will be available on our website: This is an excerpt of what I wrote to him after taking the pictures: "The Super Duper Ballsy Dong finally arrived! It certainly lives up to its name, this thing is huge. You will see in the pictures exactly how large it is. At first I was a little nervous and apprehensive about being able to handle something this large butas Iwrapped both hands around this monster and began to rub it against my pussy I could feel myself getting slack and very wet with anticipation. After afew minutes of this play and lots of lube I was desperate to feel it inside of me. Very slowly I began to push its massive head past my lips, then with a little help from my boyfriend it slid all the way inside and filled me completely. The feeling was like none I have felt before, it literally took my breath away. I just had to try all of my favorite positions. But the one that topped the list was me on my kneesusing my weight to push this gigantic cock all the way inside me while sucking on my boyfriend's cock. Ithelped completethe fantasy of me fucking two men at once." Thank you very much Slyone for sending me this present.

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This is BB at her flat nastiest. She is a true exhibitionist and loves to be bad and show off. When the magazine salesman knocked on the door and I saw that evil little smile and knew he was in for a surprise. I thought his eyes would pop out of his skull when she unzipped her dress and started masturbating in front of him. When she got out the Dildo I thought he was going to have an aneurysm lol. But you should have seen his face when he was invited to play with her. You would have thought he had just won the Lottery! He kept staring at me like I was gonna suddenly jump up and kick his ass lol. Needless to say he was grinnin like an idiot when she let him cum all over her tits. He will have a story for the rest of his life, not that anyone will believe him lol.

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