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These shots are of my girlfriend who we'll call Alma. She's very insecureabout her looks. She knows I have these photo's but has no idea I'm postingthem. I have hundreds more. If you want to see more I'll need to see somecomments on the Bulletin Board. I plan on showing her these are here soall comments are welcome. Let's show her just how hot she is. Sorry aboutthe face, she'd have a fit. Technical note: the majority of these were takenwith a Casio QV11, not very high quality. The other two were taken witha Canon PowerShot 600. I have more with the PowerShot and Video capturesalso. I even have tons of Red Cloud material. Comments will get them.

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As promised, here is the second set of me flashing in Vegas. It was so much fun trying to find places to flash where others could see and still not get in trouble. I even pulled my dress up while standing at "The Big 6" table on a busy Sat night. Unfortunately, the photo is too dark and blurry. I also tried to get some other girls to take a photo w/ me while I flashed but they quickly said they weren't interested. We met a couple there who walked around w/ us while I flashed and took photos. She was in a few of them but asked me not to use them since her face showed. Her boyfriend got a kick out of it all and tried to get her to flash as well. Gee, I thought everyone liked to do stuff like that. Ha ha Well, by now I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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