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I am glad so many appreciated the philosophical quote of my last submission. At University, I have been trying to apply a lot of what I have been studying, and I find that simple statements can oftentimes influence my overall outlook on things. Reading some of the comments on my style of dress, well, let me say in my defense that I adhere to another quote from a wise man who once said, "if you want to feel funky, feel free." LOL. Seriously, I have no sense of style, as if you couldn't figure that out already! I was wearing this exact outfit the other day when my flatmate had decided to give me a hard time by reading aloud some of the comments I'd received here and through my website. Looking at these photos now, I fear how severely my wardrobe reflects that I was raised quite sheltered and with minimal access to fashion advice! Thankfully, a far more stylish acquaintence has offered to go shopping with me, and once I finish final exams I just may scrape together the money to do so. I reckon it's a priority because I need to make a better impression on that boy I was seeing last year. Since last week, I've been thinking about how I'd fancy another go with him and I found myself masturbating to those videos I took with him that are on my site. If some decent fashion advice would increase the likelihood of more happening, then I'm all for it! My summer needs to have a few high points! :)

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Rejuvinate, was the girl my friend married just two months back. I did not meet her before, as I was not able to present at their marriage. As she opened the door the first time I saw her. She was wearing a black see through night dress with black stockings. I entered the house and we started talking, as we were getting introduced the very first time. I just could not take my eyes off her sexy, hot, busty body. Needless to say her whole body was quite visible from her see through dress. The first thing even a blind can notice is her ASS. I have not seen such a HOT ASS even in my dream. It was just made for ANAL and DOGGY. I was getting MAD ABOUT HER ASS. My hands were just getting tempted like anything to grab those ASS Cheeks, bite them, lick them, spank them harder, really harder. Even though she realized a number of times that I am just scanning her from head to toe, she did not show a bit of uneasiness in her expressions. Rather I felt she is trying to touch me by showing some excuses everytime.

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