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Hi again. Here a some more photos of my wife of 35 years, Yvonne, through the years. Sorry, can not show the full face as she is still an working attorney. And for you young guys (and girls) that do not like pubic hair, well just pass on this one. We tried the "shaved look" way back in about 1975 and did not like it then nor now. In my opinion (and at the age of 58 my opinion is always right), it just looks unnatural for any woman over the age of 30 to have a bald beaver(and for that matter, it also goes for those under 30 also). You younger guys have been brought up that way, so you just don't know any better and can be forgiven. There is nothing like the wonderful feel of a nice, wet "beaver" to pat and rub your fingers through in the middle of the night. I hope the trend changes, as looking at bald pubic regions . . . well I would not go so far to say they are a turn off . . . but they would look a lot better, and sexier, with a little hair. Positive comments are welcome, Yvonne and Ol' Fart

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Thank you Voyeur web for having such a great site. Please post this as SAN FRANCISCO TREAT II. Hello to all my sweeties out there. Your responses were overwhelming!! I love all of you. Just reading your messages made my pussy wet. I figured I'd get only 15 to 20 responses since the younger, prettier women were getting 50-70 messages. When I first saw that I had over 50 messages on the first night; I thought it was a mistake. When I checked through the messages one by one, I was totally flabbergasted. What a incredible shocker. I told myself that this couldn't be me they're talking about, no way. I'm in the process of answering all the e-mail I can; some of you didn't leave a e-mail address so I can't answer you. You'll know better next time (hehehe). To show my appreciation for all the attention and wonderful messages I've received; I woke my boyfriend up at 4:30 AM on Memorial Day. I told him to get his clothes on, get the camera and get in the car. "We're taking pictures." I wanted to take some really bold and daring pics; something that would shock the viewers and be reminiscent of my title; "San Francisco Treat." What landmark in San Francisco could identify San Francisco more than the Golden Gate Bridge? When we took these pics it was about 6:30 AM in the morning and there were people everywhere. My boyfriend was kind of nervous and didn't want to take the really good shot of me taking my coat off in front of 15-40 spectators looming around the bridge, he made me put my coat back on and whisked me away like a bat out of hell. Well, so much for the shock effect. Take a look at this set of pics, give me your thoughts, your criticisms, tell me what you really want to see. . We're novice swingers also, so if you're a couple or great looking single guy or girl (any race and over 21), maybe we'll meet at a Swing Party or something? Who knows? Anxiously awaiting your responses. Love always,

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