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My husband passed me around again, as I'm sure many of you know by now (because I sent you an email for your nice comments on my latest contris). I'm going to work up a couple of videos for HC about my last two whoring sessions, so watch out for those! About this trip... this guy popped me once before, so when he wrote and asked to fuck me again, naturally hubby made me agree. We met Friday afternoon at my favorite hotel in Houston, and he and hubby worked me over for two hours straight (more about that in parts one and two). Honestly (for real for real) I always feel very dirty on my way to do this, like I'm totally depraved and perverted - so now I have to ask you, before you begin, what do you REALLY think of me? Am I a good little fuck-toy?

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Hi all! We are a couple from sweden who have been visiting your site frequently for several months, And believe us, we think allmost everything are beautiful and exciting. And one day Linda wanted to go out and try to take some NIP- pics.(Not too daring maybe), but we were very excited both of us. It was a monday afternoon and we found a perfect place that she liked. It is at a Truck company just beside the main road. She thought that if someone came she could hear the car, but she didn't think aboutcyclists and walking people. A couple of cyclists passed by, and their eyes got as big as theirwheels. But she didn't get embarrassed like i thought she would be. She went on with pulling up her skirt and bra, and after acouple of minutesthey left. And then there was many cars passing by at the main road about 100feet (30meters) and they honked at us. If the response at this contribution will be good, maybe we will post more. Both in this category and others. Greetings from Sweden! (Sorry for the bad quality) I'll try to learn. And sorry for bluring face, but we live in a very small town. (The place on the shots are 2 miles from our place.)

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