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Merci On The Table PortalStyle - We sent in a contri to Private Shots on the Portal side a month or so ago and promised to post the rest of them on RC. So... While we don't send in many Portaltype contris, it doesn't mean we don't some how find a way to take nudisttype pics. Sometimes we play on Sam's BB with the other lippy girls and then there are times like now when off they go in a contri! I think it has been several years since our last nudistcontri, maybe it won't be THAT long till our next one (hehehe). At least submitting to nudistI don't have to worry about making sure my lippiness is hidden! Thanks Kate and crew!

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Natural Girl'S 2nd (You Asked For More!!) - I was very flattered by all the great comments from my first contri, and since all you all made me feel so great, I thought it was only fair to answer your requests for more! I couldn't reply to the almost 500 comments, but let me try to answer some of your comments/request with this contri. As for the top three questions... Yes, I'm 37. Yes, I have two kids. And yes, my boobs are real! Thank you all so much for doubting this... Really makes a girl feel great! As for the name Natural Girl... I picked it because I'm pretty down to earth, don't wear make-up or dye my hair, what you see is what you get! Thanks again and I hope you like this contri even more than my first!!!

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