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I've been slackin' lately, I know. Here are 9 photos to try and make up for it *grin* These photos were taken in my hottub in my backyard very early one morning while the neighbors were all waking for work. I don't really care if they get posted in NIP or Private Shots... They certainly aren't as daring as some of the lovely ladies of NIP, but I did take some risks seeing as the hottub is visible to a dozen surrounding houses. Neighbors are a little different audience than strangers in public! Here are the intimate survey results for the month of January (February's results will be in my next contri). Peace and love to you all! * Almost 1/2 of voy-zone Visitors got laid on New Years. Almost 1/2 did not get any action. 3% are still trying to figure out what happened that night. * Almost 1/2 of voy-zone Visitors were in a private setting while they were doing the horizontal mambo. A surprising 27% of you were at a party and 7% of you wish you could have had sex in a swimming pool to ring in the New Year! * Exactly 1/2 of voy-zone Visitors believe the Year 2000 holds exciting adventure in their sex lives. 10% are still wondering what happened to free love... * It seems the biggest request concerning Mardi Gras pictures is to see Live Sex on a French Quarter Balcony. Interesting fact - only 4% of voy-zone Visitors like the late 90's model airbags (should make Kate proud!!) 2% of you are planning on going to Mardi Gras... Come on guys, we need better representation than that!! * The Top 5 requested themes for a new Private Shots or Nude In Public contest are: 1. Crazy Dares 2. Victoria's Secret Dressing Room Shots 3. Meeting a Stranger Nude 4. Live Sporting Event Flashes 5. A nudist Star's Desire to Meet Another nudist Star * Perhaps the most interesting results of the poll: The biggest sexual turnoff for voy-zone Visitors has absolutely nothing to do with sex organs ... Undesirable Facial Features tops the turnoff list! * And last but not least, 15% of voters wonder if I'm fooling around with Kate... and we haven't even met!! Love

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Hello Kate & the gang, Thought you might enjoy some more of Sweet Thing. I cant say I like your new bb system. I think it's more complicated than the old one. To those of you with nothing better to do than to find fault with a contri, forget it, you have a poor outlook on life. In my opinion the most important event you've had in your life has been with your hand. To all of you that gave such wonderful comments, thanks. I enjoyed them very much. I thank you for taking the time to think of good and horny things to say. There's a little good in everyone, maybe the others will learn from the rest of you. I'm sending in 2 contri today.

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