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Bailey'S Puss In Boots So these are Bailey's lucky in everytime she wears them she gets I know that ever girl has some clothes or clothing that she feels hot in and knows that she will get extra attention if she wears it....well these boots are Bailey's.... Anyway she told me this story about the other night where she went out with a bunch of people to a bar in the city and got wasted (wearing the boots of course) and when she walked out of the bar she saw a bunch of steam rising from a sewer vent....She decided she would dance in the steam and do a Marilyn Monroe impression with her skirt....hey she was drunk and it sounded like a good idea at the time.....anyway it didn't work....but she ended up sitting on the pavement in front of the bar saying, "Its so warm!" So there she was rolling around in the poo steam....nasty...and this cute guy she had met in the bar came and picked her up and helped her friends take her home....and...yes....she apparently fucked his brains out. You have to admit that a girl who rolled around in poo steam....and still got a player. That is a true story.

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It was February, 14... These were exciting, I thought you would be interested to see it. I have a bad habit of smoking, and sometimes I go out to the balcony. But this time, I am very grateful to it! I have a side view balcony and the view was unforgettable. I often see this couple in the elevator. They always kept open the curtains in the apartment and think that they dont care about it. And this time I think they even want to be seen by someone! Apologize for the quality, at first I was shooting on the phone but then went and took the camera. It was not quite the expected turn of events for this guy as he is almost always held on to his head. She definately wanted to do a special surprise for him and all neighbors at this day! After 30 minutes they unfortunately turned off the light, and nothing was seen after this, but I am sure they had happy end of this evening. If you are interested and rating will be high enough - next month I will post the short vid.

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