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Can I begin to express how awesome my week has been? Forget that I aced two mid-terms, forget that I got a mix CD from my guy friend (the one in the video on my site with me). None of that matters nearly as much what I found at a thrift store the other day: red shoes! They were pretty close to my size and I got them for next to nothing. Something about red shoes makes me feel sexy in an elegant sort of way, which is a nice change of pace from the awkward sexiness I usually feel. My flatmate suggested I marry the red shoes (actually, she said if I loved them so much I should go off and hump them, but we won't go there), and instead I decided to live out a lifelong fantasy: being naked in just heels! Ya know, it's good I have a camera to document all this, for when I reach further down the spiral. LOL

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Well, after getting lost in the turbulance of the Sex Toy testing process - we finally received my next toy. We ordered the "artillery shell", as I love to have my back-door probed while Jim is fucking me. What a surprize when I opened the box. This thing is nearly the size of a beer can! After I took one look at it I said to Jim, "you want me to put it where!?" Looking at the packaging, it is obviously designed for men. After installing fresh batteries, I thought the variable speed control was good. It has a somewhat larger vibrating unit in it, so the vibrations are very strong. In fact after laying it on the water-bed, the whole bed vibrated! It felt good on my nipples and clit, but the tip did not vibrate as much as the base. Jim ate my pussy for over twenty minutes before I was wet enough to begin working it in. I couldn't believe how much my little pussy had to stretch to get around this monster. It felt very nice and tended to stay put by itself because of the narrowed base. with the full vibrations at the base, it felt like my whole pussy was vibrating once it was all the way in. I was so full, Jim could barely get his thumb into my ass - I climaxed twice this way. We didn't even try to get this into my tight ass. I would recommend this for women who like large toy's. However, had we known how big it was, we would have tried something else. My compliments to the woman who can get this in her back-door. Please don't post our e-mail address. Your comments are welcome and we will do our best to respond to all who leave their e-mail address. Hope you enjoy.

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