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WARNING: Dialog! Greetings, Jerk-monkeys! As promised, here is the HC version of our recent contri, a€?Playing Doctora€?. Because ita€™s a role play set, hubby chatters a bit. Also, we lost ALL the clips from our wide-angle HD camera, so this is edited from the POV cam that remained a€“ SO, we lost the best of the cumshots, even though we videoed the ending FOUR TIMES. With a dead PC, this was not a lucky contri. At any rate, here I am, getting a thorough vaginal examination and shave from a BONE-a-fide doctor. At least, thata€™s what he told me. With the costs of medical care these days, a free exam is a free exam, you know? Still, Ia€™m not certain of his credentialsa€¦ I suspect he just wanted to penetrate me orally and vaginally while filming the fun. Little did he know, I would have done it ANYway without the bullshit. (PS a€“ please dona€™t look at my asshole while hea€™s fucking me like a dog a€“ ita€™s VERY humiliating for me to have you see me this way!) Do you want to fuck me? Can you spend a few hours north of Cincinnati one day? Leave a nice comment, superb vote and a valid address a€“ Ia€™ll send you something nice, in return, and tell you how you, too, can cum all over me! LOVES and KISSES! PERVERT!

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I had always thought that older ladies were/are, all dried up by the time they reach the age of fifty! Well, was I wrong! I met my current lady friend in the local bar and thought at first that she was about 50 years old, but later I came to find that shes in her early sixties! (Im in my twenties). She has gigantic breasts, (38h), and can screw better than any women I've ever met! I also don't have to worry about pregnancies. I was mostly amazed by the fact that I don't need any "ky-jelly" with her. (So much for that dried up theory). Anyhoo, shes got money and looks and we have great sex, so what else could I want? She didn't even seem too surprised when I wipped out my trusty "Sony/DSC/T1" and took these shots. (She did say she'd kill me if I showed her face)! So guys and gals, don't pass up that older age group out there; there's plenty of sex left in those old bones! Enjoy!

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