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Hi... My name is Angelique well it's actualy my Nick name. I'm a chatter in the moderated room wich i have a lot of fun in. I heard about the contri pic's and ive been thinking about it for awhile to sent in a few pic's of myself. I have posted a couple of pic's in the room, but was actualy to shy to sent them in as contri pic's. But now i thought what the heck i'm just gonna do it. I'm orignaly from the netherlands but live in texas for about 2 years now. I heard about voyeur web from a friend 2 1/2 years ago.I mainly go to the chatroom, but when i have the time i have a peek at the pic's and visit the BB. I'm 39 years old *going on 38 lol* and i am married. Well, not sure what else i can tell you so i'm just gonna sent the pic's. If there's anything else you need to know. just ask me ok? 1 pic is with a jackhammer, we were rebuilding the livingroom. 1 pic was made with some light so u could see the shadow in the background. The 1 with the top and panties * a dear friend gave me that leather top*. The 1 in the stocking was also made with light and to get a shadow. The 1 in the bathtubb was made cause i wanted 1 in a tubb LOL. the last one with the mirror was made so u could see the front and the back and to ad some fun with it i put micky there *wich a good friend gave me*. Well, i quess you will let me know if any of those pic's are any good and if there gonna be posted or not.I know you people are very busy people, but i would apriciate it if i would anything. Thanks

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My wife and I decided to hit a few drive-thru's to see if we could get any pictures for you. The first drive-thru we tried...the clerk was way to young :) Our second attempt we got a woman who seemed more then happy to let us take some pics. You can't see them in the pictures very well, but there was also two guys working. One stood off behind the window out of camera site...but was very verbal in his approval of the view out the window. The second guy came up eagerly to take a look, and then quickly turned when he saw the camera flash...chicken!!! My wife was both excited and nervous but all in all...this was a fun challenge!!!

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