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We sent a contri in earlier this year and received some real positive feedback. Here's a second contri. Hopefully she will make the HOF this time. We no longer live in the New England area but have kept the title for name recognition since so many of you posted nice comments. If you missed our first contri, just look it up in the "Funbags" archive section. Use the search engine and enter:"Assorted From New England" or enter the contri number of "PS#12178." We tried submitting a second contri earlier but the wife was afraid that her face showed in too many of the pictures, so we asked that it not be posted. If you do recognize her, don't say a word just enjoy the pictures. Please be kind with the comments; she has had kids since most of the first pics were taken. Please blur the face where necessary and as usual, do not post my name or email address

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A Real Life Hentai Girl! - Its funny, I was reading through the comments on my last nudist post and it seems people on this site either don't believe I am Japanese at all or totally agree that I look like a cartoon version of a Japanese girl. Well I am Japanese, half at least...and thanks to my big eyes, skinny body, and how young I look...I have to admit...even I see it. I think this Halloween I'll go as a Sailor Moon girl or some anime character....or maybe I can be a Hentai character. "Hentai" is Japanese Anime Porn for those of you who are not Japanese or not nerds (its ok...I'm both Japanese AND a nerd so its all good...I like nerds). So if I am a anime girl...that makes my site and this pictures real life "Hentai". Now I just need demons with tenticles attacking me and having sex with me and I'll totally have it down....

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