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It's Spring time and I decided to go to the park and take some photos of myself to share. The wind felt so good blowing against my naked body, if it were not that I had gotten caught while taking picutres of myself, I would have remained at the park longer today. Just as I was taking my last two pictures, an older woman was coming up the trail, I suspect that she had already seen my goods as they hung out in full view of her and she was trying to close in for a better view. Upon spotting her, I quickly grabbed up my clothes and made a quick run for it in the opposite direction, dropping my underwear in the process. I did go back and get my underwear and as I picked it up, I caught a glimpse of her turning around and heading back down the hill.

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More pics from the wild bachlorette party I threw using this guy I found on the internet. He works just for the tips you decide to give him. One of the games we played was "pin the tail on the male". Same rules as pin the tail on the donkey except my blinfolded guests had to use a condom instead of a tail and grope around his bod until they could get a hold of his hard cock to put the condom on. Once we was tailed he had to crawl around on all fours and make noises like a donkey until someone decided to coral him and peel off the condom. We also played "ring dance" where each guest put a plastic ring anywhere on her body and he had to retrieve it using only his hard cock and then do a lap dance for the guest without dropping the ring from his cock. If he did drop it he had to pay any penalty the guest made up. You wouldn't beleive some of the penalties we gals made him pay! I have his email if anyone else wants it.

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