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Hi, I am Bonnie, and this is GQ Guy. In the last few weeks we have been experimenting with some different settings for sexy male shots. One cold day; probably the coldest day we had all winter, we went to a place where there are snowmobile trails and, at -24 celcius, QG Guy stripped down. We were doing some wonderful stuff when some Snowmobiles came along. GQ Guy dove for his clothes, and I never saw a man put his pants on so fast before. When the snowmobiles were along side us, it turned out to be the local police on patrol. I was standing with the camera, and GQ Guy was just panicing....and silly me did not photograph his face at that would have been priceless. However, the police went on their way and left us alone, much to our relief. A couple weeks later we were very sneaky. We slipped into a very large hotel, pretended we were guests and did some shots in the Atrium. A few people spotted us, but no one approached us or said anything. I hope you enjoy my work and GQ Guy!

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My lovely 50 yr. old wife wanted to experience another lover since it had been so long for her to be with someone else. I agreed under the condition that I be present and that the guy wear a rubber. She thought that that would inhibit her so we reached the compromise of her videotaping the event. The picture is not as good as I would have liked since the lighting was poor and it was a fixed camera angle but it still is hot. This is the beginning of the tape and if you want to see the rest I will post it if there is interest. Guy she picked was an old friend of hers that she had always wanted to sleep with but never did. He jumped at the chance to get at her. Again this is a 50yr old woman so if you like young women please do not post negative, mean comments.

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