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Hi Guys this is a guy who sent me a pic in my email and ask if we could get together sometime . I love big black cocks so I met him at motel 6. I loved sucking his big cock and It felt so good when he slid it in my pussy and started pumping me. Ohh ! and I just hate to let good cum go to waste so after he shot his load I sucked his cum out of the condom and swallowed it down. I know I'm not supposed to do that but I can't pass up a good cum load . mmmmm! I love cum. If you guys want to get in touch with me just click on the link to my site and go to my free message board. you can email me from there or IM me or just leave a message for me on the board. I really do love hearing from you guys . Love ruthie

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Cam and I love the beach and go often. I have wanted to do a 'Blue Crush' contri for ages! I keep waiting for another contributor or two (or commenter *hint hint Sailor*) to come visit and go to the beach with me with surfboards and give it a go! This day we packed the car and took the surfboard and boogie boards and headed to the beach and found it nice and deserted, just the way we like it! The water was so clear (for around here!). The waves were HUGE!!! 15-18cm!!! hehehe I survey the water, counting the time between sets, looking for the right place where they are breaking in perfect tubes…. then into the dangerous surf I go, just for you voy-zonebers. Anyway, we had such fun and the water and beach were awesome! I think ALL of these pictures should pass the 'Lippy Scrutiny Team' and make it:0) If there are less than 10 leave an email and I'll send whatever is missing:0) Thanks you guys! Equipment: Nikon D1, Surfboard, HUGE Waves

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