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Dear Kate, This is my first attempt at anything other than 'Private Shots' and I am feeling a little bit apprehensive about being in NIP (not too sure why, but I guess the word 'private' is more me) but Hubby reckons that these pictures qualify. Could you please call these pictures "Wet Rose at the River" - thank you. As you can see my white dress has come out of retirement for these pics, and it gives me something to hide behind when I start asking "... what am I doing?!!!" It was quite nerve racking (for me anyway) posing like this outside where it was possible that I could be observed (and I don't mean just by the cows!!). Of course now that I have done it once, Hubby has plans!! Need I say more... Help..! Once again I am sorry for the face being blocked out, but you know the story of my inquisitive 16 year old son by now!! *LOL* I have seen comments about how the ladies should beostracized for not showing their face on nudist and I have to say that if this was bought in then I would no longer be submitting any pictures, and I am sure that goes for many of the lovely women who submit also. For reasons of either trying to protect their families, their careers, their reputations (let's face it some people just wouldn't understand!!) and of course their safety, it seems immature to penalize or segregate them/us. Thank you

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Hello nudist crew & funs This is Shona's first contri on the web. We took those pics during a beach festival we went to . The last day of the festival Shona felt very good with here self and decided to take off here Bikini outfit , and let the sun shine on here perfect body. All around us there were dressed people and few topless so it was quite erotic .. After a while I noticed a few guys try to take some pics of here so I scared them with a direct look , and decided to take some pics of here by my self ...... Back at home I called Shona to show here the pics on the computer And mention the idea to post some pics to nudist . I was in shock when I she said : O.K. . No argue, not screaming at me , just : O.K. She asked me to watch the nudist pages ,and after she said : "start working". So this is what I do.. I hope this is not the last pics of here , we allready think about the next couple of pics we gonna take next week duing our first anniversery, so maybe the next contri will be before new year. I hope nudist guys (and girls ..) like here and "help" here to make more contributions..

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