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Hi, I got tired of Pony writing my messages and story so now you got me, Natalie! First off let me say that your comments left have surely got me feeling great about myself, so great in fact that Pony got me to do this shoot outside down by the water front. Me, outside! I would never have even thought about that a few months back. Anyway, this is just my way of saying thanx to MOST of you! You make a girl feel like a true model! As for the negative comments, well I appreciate those too, for the simple fact that you too, still had to scroll all the way down through my photos and see them to get to the link to submit your comment! And what makes your comments even more appreciative is the fact that we post our pics, our site which contain our E-mail addresses, so you can write comments directly to us! Not once have I seen the site name, place to view the pics, or the E-mail address of those negative senders, so how genuine can you really be, if we have no way to judge you back? Pony works real hard to keep our site AMATEUR, and GIRL NEXT DOOR, Pony doesn't even like us to wear a lot of make up when we shoot, just so we keep that everyday girl look. That's our site theme. So if you wanna see Barbie and or Ken you probably need to go some where else. Oh and another thing, your not going to get your photos free somewhere else! Your getting to see beautiful women, doing beautiful things and doing what they want on nudist, and you get to see it for free, and those poor selected few really feel they have room to be so negative? Enjoy my pics, enjoy nudist and RC, enjoy your day and come over and enjoy all the girls at Boo's Adventures. P.S. Thank you Kate and Sailor, you may have your soap box back now, if you help me down off it! BYE! Love, NAT

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Hello, Kate/voy-zone! I have been a visitor to your site for several years. Now I'd like to make my first contribution. I must admit that part of what spurred me on was the chance to win a prize, I'd buy my own digital cam with it, instead of borrowing my mother's. If she only knew what I was using it for! My wife's interest in flashing (and sex in general );) ) has increased lately, so here's the story behing the pics. The first few in our bedroom were taken the first time we borrowed the camera, several months ago. Then we planned to go out for my birthday recently, and I told Kryssy that she'd be exposing herself a lot more than she had ever done before. She said she was up for it, so I "requisitioned" the camera again. After having a few drinks at a favorite bar, we snapped a pic by a stop sign, then a small mall near where I work, where we could see the cars passing by behind me; followed by a cornfield and a park with a swimming hole nearby. Then we went to another bar, and played some pool, where Kryssy flashed me quite a bit. When she needed to pee I suggested taking some in the men's room, but a guy beat us there so I followed her into the ladies'. When we left, we took a few more behind the bar. I also have some video, of Kryssy getting caught naked in the hallway in our apartment building awhile back, and of her streaking across a bigger, busier parking lot near that last bar on my birthday- I'll have to see if I can get some stills from it. Enjoy the pics, and we welcome any comments!

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