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I had a few requests to repost some of the shots that I put up as "Lili" back in the late 90's. And lots of comments saying that I wasn't smiling. I blame my asshole (lol), er, uh, I mean husband for that. He likes the serious and sultry looks. So, here are some of the old shots and one recent one and I tried to pick ones that were less serious this time. Thanks for the positive comments. They have encouraged me to strip down and get in front of the camera again and my husband and I will plan on a totally new session specifically for nudist and probably even some RC. It may be a couple weeks but it IS cumming! all the people who commented about "taking care of yourselves" after looking at my pics; Thank-you. It made me feel good and admittedly, really turned me on.

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Hi, my husband loves to 'show me off' to strangers in public places, especially to truck drivers on the Interstate. He will slowly pull up beside one and then just ride there, beside their door/window for mile after mile until several other cars get backed up behind us wanting to pass. Then, on to the next truck for the same thing, knowing that each one is calling ahead on their CB's to inform the next and all the other trucks (and cars)to be sure to check out the_____ car coming up. I love hearing them toot their loud horns for me, and get sooooo turned on and wet that I usually end up having to drop one hand between my wide spread open legs (which is usually bare, and just shaved, too) and finger myself for their viewing pleasure until I explode, as well as just showing them my breasts and playing with my nipples. We also LOVE trading personal pictures with others that are into 'kinky' sex *just about anything goes with us, as we love new and exciting things*. First time posters, but long time viewers of all the beautiful women!! nudist is the GREATEST... keep up the good work, guys and girls!! Ps...would it be in bad taste if I were to ask everyone to please vote....and hopefully, it will be for me?? *grinning and a wink* hugs, kisses, and wet licks to all cateyes. Just starting out, and still kind of embarrassed by showing so much.... Getting more into in now, and showing Mr. Trucker just how much I enjoy having my nipples treated rough, by pinching them and lifting my heavy breasts up by my nipples.....the way that he stayed beside us, tooting his horn, I think he liked what I was doing to my you like seeing me do thisto themtoo? OHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my bare, shaved pussy is getting soooooooooooo WET! Do you think that Mr.. Trucker is enjoying the view? I sure hope you are!! Wow....there were so many trucks out that day....I LOVED it!!! God, black truckers get me HOT.....I feel so naughty sitting totally exposed to them,for their viewing pleasure. Well, that is the last one for this submission.... I was so hot and so wet and horny that the rest of them are Red Cloud type pictures. If the response is good, we will post some from one of our other many trips with me co-driving. *grinning and a wink* Love to all....bye-bye for now,

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