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This season has been great for me, I goten so much video. Hot as hell, in the high 90's. I see this girl strip down to bra and panties and get under a thick sleeping bag. Now give me a break, I know what's coming. although it seemed a little extreme, there was a movie being shot within 50 feet, and 6 people playing frisbee within 10. Anyway, I waited. Sure enough the girl pulls out a tit a pierced tit at that and started playing with it. Which drew attention by her boyfriend on a cell close by. He jumped in the sack with her and started sucking her nipples. Next thing you know he is yelling. His tounge ring got caught on her nipple ring. She didn't seemed to mind but he threw a bitch fit. Anyway, when it was all said and done they fucked in three positions all under the sleeping bag but it couldn't have been more obvious. she wiped him clean they got out from the sleeping bag and she re-dressed right out in view of everyone. After I caught the video I did a 360 pan you see about a dozen people male and female, with their eyes glued on the young couple.

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Hi there, This is how we normally spend our time in the tub... It's kind of a ritual those tubs of ours... Of course a glass of wine and some cigarettes must be involved, and then it's time for a good shave & some testing! We love to shave eachother (the soaping is most fun ;-) and decided to let you 'share' this with us... (grin). And now try to find out who is who huh, with all that foam ;-) Anyway... have fun (so did we)! P.S. before we get any questions about what 'method' we use, we always use normal shavingfoam (sensetive skin) and a razor, works best for us! ;-) Oh and by the way... we used the Mavica FD81.

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