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After being very intimidated by it's size, I finally gave this thing a try. As you can see, it's bigger then some of my other toys. I was really looking forward to a toy I could take into the shower with me. The suction cup was a fabulous addition and having it detachable made it even better. The material the vibrator was made out of required lube and since I was in the shower, my liquidly astroglide washed off easily. So, I tried the thicker KY jelly and that did the trick. Over all, I'd give it a 7 out of 10, lower score because it's just a bit too big. The clit stimulators didn't come anywhere near my clit. I did reach an orgasm, but it was pretty weak because I was pretty numb from the size by then. Had to switch to LuckyGuy to finish me off which he did with gusto. Enjoy the pics, and I'm looking forward to reading the comments.

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Greetings Kate &Crew, As you can see we are back again. Time fly's so fast and what do we have to show for it ????? Well, more pictures!! We have had numerous request for shots of Anne's breast and rear, we hope that this will satisfy your need for both. Kate, Do you have any new plans for the nudist? What can we expect to see new in the coming months. I think everyone would like to know. Thanks again Kate for such a wonderful site. It has really given the regular person a way to express there sexuality and know there are millions of people out there who feel the same way. So, all you millions please write. We are waiting to read all the comments left on the BB. I believe this to be contri #12, and would you label this Anne N #12.

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