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#P11446- Martipics for contest Kate and Crew, I have been a regular daily visitor to your pages for well over a year or so now (remember the first chat room??) and decided it was time to contribute something back. My wife of 5 years (been together for 12) Marti (32 in these pics) and I love your comments on the contris and are looking forward to seeing what you have to say about her pics. These pics do not do her justice and we are just starting out so we will improve over time. Kate1 would not hurt as a start, heh? BTW, I urge anyone who reads this to support the nudist in any way possible. It is extraordinary how far you have come from that underground site of not too long ago. Congratulations, and a million thanks to all that made it possible. I am curious, just how many people will see these pics based on your daily traffic and how much it costs to keep the site going? Maybe if people realized just how expensive it is to maintain the traffic levels more of them would donate in some form or another. PLEASE SEE MAIN PAGES TO DONATE OR JOIN RED CLOUDS! TODAY!! RIGHT NOW!!!! AFTER you enjoy the pics of my wife, of course! We have many more pics (Even Red Cloud) and will take more if comments on the CORRECT BB are good, and you like what you see. We are open to suggestions for poses etc. if you like her, let her know. Please enter her in whatever contest or section you like, we'll find them. Please vote for her guys AND ESPECIALLY gals, she really wants to win a contest to prove that she's "still got it"!!! You can call her MARTI and title these MARTIPICS 1. you Kate an extremely close posed uppie and the last one WFIROSES1 is so you will have a fresh and squeaky clean uknowhatImean!!!! I think it could be HOF, LISR, heh? PS - If you look very closely at the computer screen in those chair shots you will see a message just for you Kate! Now, grab some Vodka, have some HG and enjoy my wife, you've earned it!! Let us know if you want any more!! She is waiting.... Happy Voyeuring, I am ...

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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the nudist Yearbook, where you can see many of your favorites from the nudist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse through it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! TxTina is the nudist school tomboy-cowgirl. She has been active in all types of outdoor sports and very involved with farm projects sponsored by the school. She is an expert at throwing a rope and tying up her quarry in record time. She knows how to be forceful to cut thru a line of bull(s). She is an expert at riding bareback. As a matter of fact there is constantly a line of boys wanting to participate in the bareback riding. More than one school cowboy has come limping back with spur marks after one of her sessions. TxTina is not rough and tumble all the time. She gives selflessly of herself to many of her fellow students. Her interest in art often finds her after hours in Ms.BZ’s room getting tutored in the fine art of finger body painting with ace art student Lacy. (Tina – Maybe include one of your great Body Painting pics as part of your contri and we can comment on it in the contri with the new submission process) Her interests in music and the arts often find her at lunch time eating with woodwind talented Sam and performing arts star Michelle. Flexibility while riding is essential and she has found great flexibility training workouts with the Cheerleading duo of Nikki~ and Mistress Nina. The three way contortions they experiment with are amazing. TxTina has a strong academic background due primarily to her willingness to stay after school for private sessions with many of the faculty and staff. She has taken the cue from well know teachers pet, Lindsey Austin about getting in good with the teachers and staff. Lindsey shares her special tutoring time she has scheduled with Ms.Dee, so TxTina is part of that study threesome several times a week. OHWife has spent countless hours teaching TxTina the proper mouth and fingering positions to master wood wind instruments (Woodies she calls them). Theater Arts Teacher, CutiePie, has taught TxTina the virtues of fast costume changes, often practicing taking clothes on and off in front of CutiePie for hours to hone her skills. Ms.Merci has helped her research many topics and opened up whole new worlds for her in the library. Though TxTina has a penchant for returning books late, thereby receiving one of Ms.Merci’s well known hours long tongue lashings. TxTina has even helped Truancy Queen Rose to find reasons to stay around after school on occasion, and in return Rose has introduced TxTina to her friends Banjo, Jerry, and Asher. TxTina’s commitment to riding, learning about country life, her interest in the arts, her strong study skills and her cheerful willingness to help other students in any way she can have earned her the title of “Girl most likely to take charge and ride hard” . Enjoy your new yearbook, and please don't forget to sign our memory pages!

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