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Hello Kate & crew! Great siteoyada yada yadao been here Moses was a boyoblahoblahoblaho Iíve been asking my wife to buy a sheer bra for a long time, she promised to look but never found anything. Valentines day rolls around so I figure Iíll give it a whacko tada! I chased her around the house all night with the camera (50 pics) and these are some of the results. The pics from after I caught her might end up at Red Clouds! I believe they qualify for the see-through contest. Sheís a biscuit PLUS but, brother, you *never* want to meet anyone with a stronger sex drive! Have a great dayoand donít publish my e-mail! :) You can call this Boxcarís V-Day Gift or whatever.

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Here's my contribution to the *Sexy Nylons contest. This is my 50 something (subtract 10) wife. She is bi-curious (really, it's always been a fantasy of mine), and loves to hear the comments (she has no ides that I'm sending these or ever looks at this website) from all of you guys and girls. Oh, I forgot to add that she's a brain surgeon (above minimum wage job) and would like to try a gangbang (a bigger fantasy of mine). Seriously, here are some scans, some digital, and some video captures that I have collected over the past twenty years of my playmate! I'll send them in two parts.

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