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This horny, long-legged dutch babe took a while to get naked. But when she got over her shyness and slipped her bikini bottoms off, I was in position, camcorder primed, to get it all. Eventually, as the sun moved round, she moved out of her stone sheleter and spread out on the sands. Not one to let an opportunity for some daring voyeurism pass by, I executed a 'walk-by', that is, a blatant bit of voyeurism, standing up in plain sight. But it was the only way to get her slinky form for your delectation. The danger buzz is invkateating. Hope all you real voyeurs enjoy the pics (all TEN submitted should be ok for posting) from her debut. Thanks for your votes and comments last month, pleasure to read them. To those moralists wishing I was dead - clutch your crucifixes tighter; the Sandfly Lives.

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I wish the rain would stop. I could really use some sunshine right about now, but I feel that my anticipation of summer is being thwarted at every turn! It wasn't a day after I sent in the first part of these pictures that things started getting strange with the boy I was seeing last year. My flatmate suspects he has a strange hold on me, mostly because he accounts for more than a fair portion of my sexual experiences (he is the one with me in all of those videos on my website). I may not be too wild, and all those years of a repressed upbringing went a long way towards shaping my goofier habits, but I did get comfortable enough with him to try some things (he certainly would not have come near my bottom if I weren't). Still, I fears that my lack of experience may've resulted in less than great sex on his end, even though I know I rather enjoyed it. With this gloomy weather outside, I am spending far too much time obsessing about it! I do appreciate much of the advice I've been given in feedback and emails, and I've got my fingers crossed I will get some distance on it and re-take some control of the situation. If there is one thing my favorite musical taught me, it's that tomorrow is only a day away! Surely my fellow dorks & closeted Annie fans know what I'm talking about. :)

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