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When Master Joseph handed me a shipping box to open, I could feel this was going to be a real treat! He couldn't wait for me to open it, and his excitement was contagious.... Mmmmmm, the looks of this SlimlineG was incredibly sexy; just the way the egg-shaped head of this vibrating magic wand was shaped made my womanly insides quiver in anticipation. W/we were sitting at the gate of a park trail, not very highly traveled, but not deserted either.... He teasingly asked what size batteries I needed, and of course had them tucked into my hand before I could answer Him. He took the toy from me, and teased me on the outside of my pantiless jeans while testing the adjustable speeds.... from a soft hum to a quivering explosion of electrons! Running the buzzing egg up between my jeans-clad thighs, against my hard nipples through my soft sweater.... and then His command, to unzip and allow Him access, to my soft hairless mound. He came around to my side door, slid the hard thick egg between my jeans and my slit, against my clitoris, then tucked my jeans around it, and allowed me a supercharged clitoral orgasm, lifting & straining my hips toward the source of the vibration, thrusting against Him.... He stepped back, admiring the look of the wand, tucked in as it was, barely touching the very edges of my sensitive, post-orgasmic labia. He took out His camera then, but I was getting intense sensations from the deep throb that the butterfly-light buzzing was causing inside me, and caught me up in another Hot "O".... On wobbly knees, He walked me up into the woods, using a rarely traveled path until W/we reached a tree of His choosing.... leaning me back onto it, & tugging my jeans open, He persisted in playing my clit & labia like harp strings with the "new toy", getting me closer to getting off again, then tugged my jeans wide, and slid the head of that egg into my wet cunt. Knowing my body as well as He does, Master found my G spot immediately and w/ the tip of the wand, He adjusted it to slide against my sensitive places, demanding another cum, and another.... Thank goodness for the rough tree bark against my back, holding me up.... "Hiking" out of the woods was a difficult task, but Master held me up when I needed Him to.... lol! On my way home, I couldn't resist cumming again, by tucking the egg against my clit, held in place by my seatbelt, and rocking my hips to some sexy Peter Gabriel music.... I couldn't wait to thank the designer of this product, and the online service He ordered it from, so I am writing immediately!!! It is quickly becoming one of my very favorite toys, and I can't wait until I have some more privacy tonight so I can experiment some more w/this awesome vibe!!! Thanks again, Master Joseph & thanks to The voy-zone Toy Center! chanson

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We loved the response to our first contri "First Contr Hot 21 Y.O. Gf Warming Up To Rc" on 11/15, the comments and voting was awesome, so here are some more hot pics as promissed... All it took was a few tequila shots and a bit of vodka to get her going this time. She wanted to get wild tonight, so we thought it would be a good idea to try some "new things". I hope you guys and gals like the pictures. If any ladies are viewing this thread, make sure to leave a comment... she's bi-curious and that would be a huge turn-on. The voting and comments really turn her on guys, keep um cummin! It's such a turn on for us to post our pics on the net for all to enjoy. Thanks!

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