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Hey guys, Well since my most sensitive spot happens to be somewhere I can't show on nudist, I figured I'd let you in on my other favorite spots.. First are my lips. I love being kissed passionately, sometimes soft kisses, and other times hard and deep. Moving past my lips, I love when a guy (a girl might be fun to try sometime) nibbles on my ear, down my neck, kissing and biting at my shoulders. I'd have to say that is my most sensitive area. I just get so turned on when someone kisses and bites at my neck.. Strong hands grabbing passionately at my breasts, pinching lightly until my nipples become aroused.. Hands moving down my stomach, across my back, moving slowly down to my butt, and kissing up and down the entire length of my legs, finally arriving at the destination referred to above... How does that sound to you? Hope you enjoy my pics.. *kisses*

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In thanks to the many pictures I've seen on your website, I'm sending you some more photos taken since my "Top Ten Tushes" contribution several months ago. These were all taken at public beaches here in California. Have you been talking to a young lady and wondered if she shaves her pubic hairs, or maybe trims them neatly? To ascertain the fashion trend of such, I go to the public nude beaches where a curious male can view the pussy bushes of many completely naked women thereby taking stock of how many women shave, and to what degree. Well, I've conducted a bit of an experiment. I randomly selected 10 photos out of several hundred of my personal collection from these beaches, and am presenting them to you for posting. If this very small sample is indicative of trends, it would seem that 50% of the women do not trim at all, 40% trim neatly, and 10% are shaved balled. Of course, I only photograph young attractive women, henced bias. More data is necessary to perform a linear regression model. (coming in two batches of 5) (note: some of these may have been on the net before, but I took each photo myself).

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