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hi reclouds-fans, yesterday we saw the contri of cathy from switzerland, a good friend of us. this encourages my gf maria to send also some pics. she is a 48 year old bi-woman from south germany and my love. if comments are nice, we can send more pics and perhaps somtime a contry of cathy and maria together. hallo redcoud-fans, gestern sahen wir den beirag von cathy, eine liebe freundin von uns. dies hat maria ermutigt, auch ein paar bilder zu schicken, sie ist eine 48jaehrige bi-frau aus suddeutschland und meine grosse liebe. wenn die kommentare nett sind, koennen wir mehr bilder schicken und vielleicht auch einmal eine serie von cathy und maria zusammen.

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Okay, Spank-bots, here it isa€¦ I feel so DIRTY! It turns out, my twin sister is A LOT more like me than I thought. Ita€™s weird editing these contris, because, wella€¦ I meana€¦ how many of YOU have seen YOUR siblingsa€™ genitalia up close and in action this way? First, I do this for my husband a€“ horny pervert that he is! Second, I do it for YOU, because I love (your bone). Okay, well, maybe ita€™s my stiffened clit that gets me into these situations, I dona€™t know. I DO know that I am VERY grateful that the compilation contris my husband sent in last week all broke 4.0 AND that your comments have been so pleasant (and disgusting). Wea€™re both VERY happy to have the old nudist back! (Sniffle, sniff, sniff a€“ and I promised myself I wouldna€™t cry.) Okay, back to my husband fucking my twin sister. Watch how much she makes him cum a€“ that little HUSSY! He didna€™t know if he would get to stick her, but never underestimate the power of a PERVERT! PERVERT!

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