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Hi and thanks for "clicking on" as we love sharing our fun with you. Rico and I stopped to check out the hang gliders atop the cliffs of Black's Beach. The cliffs are a perfect sneaky peepers haven, towering above the nude ladies on the beach. So there we were, "dressed" for the occassion...I started to get that fun feeling inside. Rico smiled and you can see the results. Knowing I was being watched was even more fun, teasing and "pretending" to be shy and hidden. Why would a group of guys go thru all the trouble to hide out and peep on a flashing clothed girl, when there's a multitude of toally nude gals just below their feet? Sometimes it seems that guys are more excited by the "forbidden" peep than by open nudity....well I know it sure gets me going...which ususally leads to getting myself off as well! Thanks to all you Peepers out there for exciting me and driving me to have fun!

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HtWifey is definitely getting a little bolder. Still really shy in other areas such as sharing though. Tonight HHub's friend asked if his cousin could also pop in for a few drinks after dinner. I checked with HtWifey who said sure right away. I immediately went and got my favourite Nitie for her to wear. Can't very well have company come 'round with her in a frumpy strapless dress. HtWifey was already a little excited as she's met the cousin before and he's very cheeky. I could see the smile on her face and when I pulled the Nitie out. She said she'd put it on later, as she had to take out some trash. She walked out the door past the garage. I followed her and on her way back I said I wanted her to put it on right now, in the front yard. We have a lot of traffic at our house with the front only 40 feet from the street. She asked if I was crazy. I told her again to put in on right there. She said I'd have to do it myself as there was no way she'd do it. That's all I needed. As my cock got instantly hard I turned her to face the road, walked behind her giving her a kiss on the neck then came around so I was between her and the busy road. It was just after peak hour and cars were going about 35-40mph. I said if I do it she was not allowed to run off. She agreed but said I had to change her quickly. I pulled the front of her strapless dress down slowly until one of her breasts was exposed. She looked concerned. I brushed her nipple and it got hard. She was also freezing cold. I pulled the other side down until the dress clung to her waist. She gulped and told me to hurry the hell up. I walked behind her so she was completely exposed to the traffic, which terrified her. I got behind her and covered her breasts with one arm which gave her a little warmth. Then I lowered my hand under her dress to her shaved pantiless pussy. She relaxed a little as she was more covered and there was no chance of a pedestrian walking by. I kept rubbing her swollen clit from side to side as I kissed and sucked her neck. Then I pulled my hand out and with both hands pulled her dress to the floor from behind. She want to cover up but I held her arms back. There were definitely a few commuters doing double takes but most drove on by. I continued to finger her clit more and groped her breasts and hard nipples. I told her if she agreed to flash her pussy bending over at my friend's cousin, and agreed to lure HHub's friend behind the wall while I and his cousin were in the TV room and let him fuck her on her hands and knees, only then would I let her cover up and go inside. By this stage she was leaning back against me with her knees buckling and pushing her clit forward as hard as she could against my finger as she started to suddenly jerk then squirt all over the driveway. We got a few honks throughout. She collapsed to the floor and told me that was the hugest orgasm she's ever had. This pic is later on bending over to HHub's cousin.

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