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Back in high school detention, my friends and I would write on our arms. We used marker, pen, eyeliner; it was a decent cure for boredom. Hell, a friend of mine even tried to give herself a tattoo with a pen, a lighter, and a needle. David and I were chatting about it online, and both concluded I narrowly avoided a white trash hell. Actually it was when they held detention in computer lab that I started to meet guys online. Since high school, it's continued. That's how I met him and even found out about voy-zone. I actually drew this logo on myself using a mirror: I drew it in the voy-zone style! LOL. It just goes to show you that no matter how far I think I've come (hell, I taught myself HTML to help on our website), I can't quite escape the occasional space-cadet moment.

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I get called a MILF or "Soccer Mom quite often. Well, if the shoe fits...LOL. ( I really do like it!) So, in my neverending desire to please my fans here on voy-zone as well as my ProAdult website (see link above right), I enjoy fucking and sucking as often as I can find the time (and the stuf muffins that qualify under the "stud-muffin banner." Fortunately, my hubby has created a special room for me. It's called the "Hootchie Room." We've submitted a few other posts from some of my fuck sessions with other fuck buddies in the Hootchie Room. These pics are from a recent time with some "fuck buddies."Unfortunately, you can only post 10 pics here so there are about 100 from this night. The rest are on my website. Hope you enjoy. If not, well, I sure do! Hugs, Sexy Suz

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