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As I mentioned in my last post I met Wally and his girlfriend Betty at a local strip club (his girlfriend is a stripper there) ! I spent a few days at their place and wow did we fuck and have fun! I told them about nudistand what I like to do with posts and they wanted to be in some with me! Betty had not really done much with another girl and asked if I would give her that experience. I was like You bet! She was SooOoOO nervous (and having a camera didn't help lol). Her boyfriend suggested making a homemade porn flick so what the hell it turned out cheesy but we all had so much fun doing it. After we got her boy friend involved (I will post those next).

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Hi, May be you've already seen some of my posts here... So you know that I'm an amateur porn director shooting couples who want to keep a "souvenir" of their love sessions on video. Here is a clip (extracted from a long movie) with a "just married" young couple. Yes, they wanted to be shot for their first love night... They did it before, of course, but this shot is their first sex act as married couple ! Look, the woman still have her wedding stockings and crown... I really enjoyed this moment. I hope you will too. If you want to see my other shots, only amateur couples, young, older... go to this adress :

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