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Skyye and I haven't been hitting it off lately. Everytime I walk into the music shop, she punks me with attitude. "What, I don't even get a hello?" I hate it when girls act like that. If it were up to me, I would give her a hug everytime I go in there. But I don't want to seem desperate. See Skyye doesn't know that I'm just playing hard to get. What can I say? Sometimes you have to get the girl to come to you right? And if ignoring her will get her attention, then it works for me. Most of the time, I will walk around her store looking at CD's, and act like I don't see that she is working. We're supposed to be friends, but we're not as good of friends as she thinks. Here are some more pics from the night Skyye and I went out together. We're hanging out again next week. Don't worry, I'll have my trusty camera.

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Twas the best of times (was it fuck) and the worst of times (yep). . .Sitting comfortably? Everyone slowly sinking into a bottomless pit of debt and despair? Well then, Merry Christmas motherfuckers! =================== Hell, the world's gone to shit but still there exists light. Me. And naked girls next door on beaches. For more festive frolics be sure to check out the bloody marvellous compilation vid I sent into the erotic clips section (if it gets posted). ===================== Let me be the hedge fund trustee of your soul's investment in voyeurism for I am truly the only amateur left. Yes, love the pretty staged pics the pro photographer with the multi nics and the paysite dopes you with every month but taste the Sandfly for the raw buzz. ==================== This yuletide I send up a selection box of boxes - bits and pieces that slipped contris, gems that only graced my lens for one or two shots, and classic snatched snapshots. Not the perfect pixellation of the euro scammers but pure original Sandfly opportunism. ============== I recommend this contri best accompanied by the sound of the greatest Christmas song ever performed - 'Jingle Bells' by Rockin' Dopsie and the Zydeco Twisters. Go listen and smile; it'll beat the blues. ======================= Wherever you are, whatever you be, however you is, have a good one. Let us head into '09 with vkate and recklessness; this year I shall go chase the great white whale and hopefully bring you the greatest babe ever seen on the beaches. Already in '07 (June) I served up the best beach contri ever caught and this coming season I'll hunt natural perfection (think Raquel Welch '67 and Sophia Loren) . I've seen but not snapped with the sun at my back. Our paths crossed last summer and I absorbed with my eyes but not the lens. I hope she still runs free and when we next meet I'll return with shots to make your eyes bleed and your loins howl at the moon.==================== For now, may your God go with you and your bankers burn in hades. I'm off to murder a broker for the good of humanity then slaughter some turkeys, after that I'll toast the annual manifestation of metaphysical mythical entity made flesh, pretend to hallucinate a fictional character of superhuman ability, purity, gregariousness and neverending generosity, then screw my way into the new year through a rampant orgiastic welter of hot firm female flesh. Then I'm goin' to the darkland to talk in rhyme with my chaotic soul. . .

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