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MALE CONTRI !!! But, just for fun lets submit it to the general contest again… For the people who liked what they saw, the honest people, and especially for the Jerry's Kids… hehehe First, let me apologize.... My first contri (posted May 19th in the general contest) was titled, "M* - Seattle/Tahoe/Vegas/North Bay Area "… how or why the M was dropped I don't know. Being a long time voy-zone member, I know that male contris have never been very welcome in the general contest. I assume that since I decided to post some pictures of me with ladies, instead of just dick shots, this is why it was posted in the general category and not the male category as I had intended. I just thought that would be more interesting for everyone to see the shots with women. Oh well! If you want to look at the pictures, knock yourself out. There are women in all of them. And, I'm not going to pretend to be a woman or a couple just to make you happy. Second, for those of you that left honest options on my last contri, either positive or negative, thank you, that's all I ask. If you leave your e-mail addy, I will write you. And, thank you sailor for understanding the spirit and commenting accordingly. Now, let me see if I can address the rest of all of your concerns. My guess is that male homosexuals tend not to have sex with women nor photograph it. So, you really got me there. For those of you with a diminished grasp of the English language, and an overall lack of anything better to do, who took time out of your whacking off to leave not so cleaver comments, well, I guess you need to do what makes you happy I don't understand how posting my pictures and ASKING for ladies options makes me conceited. Especially since I'm ugly, have no muscle tone, have a pencil dick, and generally smell bad. If that is about the last picture in the 1st contri, these girls are not girlfriends. These were group events, and it was all about having a good time. We all had a great time. For the record that was her idea. At what point did I say or imply I was the shit? Or, had a 12-inch schlong? I never said I was a briefs model. If that upsets you, I'll try and get to the gym more often. Jeez! (…. Rant continued in Part 2)

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The story goes That I being of sound mind and Male, specifically The Husband, would not agree to go out and see another cheesy vampire movie unless there was fringe benefits. So terms were discussed and both parties came to an understanding. Husband would drag his sorry ass to the Vampire Movie and Wife would let him "Tint her Love patch" Purple (my ultimate Favorite Color) and post pics of such adventure on the only Web site worthy of a True Voyeur. I think I got the better deal. But finally after Ten years of marriage I hope you can all enjoy this Canadian Beauty, Mother of Two and Love of my Life. She's shy so you'll just have to imagine how pretty she really is. Enjoy as I have and will continue to do so for as long as she will have this old pervert. Cheers Eh!

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