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First of all, my English is not so good. Me andmy friend went to a location were we taught that the changeof being caught was very low. We started to make the pictures, the first ones with my clothes on and we decided that every now and then, I would show something more. suddenly a man came out of nowhere. Look carefully and you can see him in pic 2. Even my friend did not see him at first. He came in closer (pic3), but my friendstill did not warm me. And then I saw him to. He introduced himself and he said that he was somekind of a forrestkeeper, something to do with toerisme. In pic 4 i'm showing him something, but Iwas to nerveus to recall what it was.My friend convinst him to pose with me, since he sood behind me I thaught I could do a dare shot (pic 5), but he saw it. Heaskt me if he could take a closer look and we we're affraid that he could give us a penalty. We took some more shots and slowly, but surrely I've got exited. We decided to took him home and we had (ore he for sure) had some fun after the shoot.Thans for all the great comments, also in private shots. Love Salina en friend

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Lounging Lexy - Hi guys/gals, the summer's ending...BOOOOO, the fall's beginning.....YEA!!!! The bar crowd is really starting to pic up now, I guess no more summer picnics to go to. lol Remember to stop in and see me often!! Hey, just updated the site with another chapter of Maggies Men, my erotic story, and another set from my Newest Harem Hottie, Brandi. They won't let me contri that set because they think she looks to young. Go fig!! She's 18 and that's good enough for me!! lolol She and the pictures are really beautiful. Here's my Hotti Lexi doing the mesch outfit, just hangin out one afternon. Hugz, Cherrie.

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