While in college, I went with some friends from my dorm to a beach just south of Santa Cruz.

http://nudizmtube.com was not a nude beach and my friends as well as I did not go naked, but there were several other people who were nude. It was obvious that the skinny dippers were having a good time and did not care who else saw them. This was a brand-new concept for me. There clearly was no “You show me yours and I Will show you mine” quid pro quo, that is the way I understood nudist parks to function. The approach was “I am going nude because I enjoy it and everyone else can simply cope with this.”
I did not go naked that day because I did not know what the attitude of my buddies would be toward it. It was not until a couple of years afterwards when I had access to a car that I went to Bonny Doon Beach just north of Santa Cruz. I’d gone alone that day but there were lots of others on the shore and most of them were nude. I didn’t have any important stresses about taking my clothes off, but I was reassured to find that nobody was laughing and pointing and that I didn’t have any difficulties suppressing my degree of arousal. I found that within a couple of minutes I was able to relax and just love being on the beach. There were a whole new series of agreeable sensations such feeling the sun and also the breeze all over my body and running along the beach and jumping in the water without a soggy bathing suit. The encounter lived up to my expectations. Afterward, I’d see nude beaches a number of times each summer whenever the opportunity availed itself.
I finally married a very proper woman who I met at church. I supposed at the time that we got engaged that I would be giving up click . Subsequently, she told me about how she and her sister grew up skinny dipping in their backyard swimming pool. A couple of months after we were married, I took my wife to Red, White, & Blue Beach in California. It was her first time nude on a beach and she totally enjoyed it.

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Now when we go on holiday, we seek out nude beaches and prefer to stay at nudist resorts. We now have a backyard swimming pool and use swimsuits only when we have visitors.

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