Part 2 Lesson in Social Nudity

“I understand as a group have never been to a clothing optional place,” I said. “I understand you’re inquisitive about it, so I want to provide you with a lesson in social nudity. I’d like to explain to you what is really all about.

As I stood there all eyes were now on me and I mentioned, “First of all it’s a non-sexual experience, and the first thing you have to know is that folks may looks at first. It is human nature.”

I turned around to be sure that everybody could see, and I mentioned, “Now that you’ve all “checked me out”, I ask you to do this to make a point. It shows you that I understand you are looking and that I’m not ashamed or embarrassed and it lets you know that you are natural inclination to look at it is not erroneous, not terrible and it’s not unacceptable to me.”

I then entered the water, and introduced myself to every one of the folks. The tension eased, and everyone relaxed and we spoke for many hours about all subjects from societal nudity to physics to good films, professions, school and families. They were a terrific group of young individuals: university students, a disabled veteran, a Registered Nurse, a multimedia producer, a US National Park Ranger, and I do not remember what the other woman’s occupation was. All were relaxed, no one else got nude, but the social interaction was amazing.

By 6pm we’d all been in the pool for at least 4 hours and they needed to leave to get back to their camp in the City of Rocks State Park, 4 miles away. As everyone got ready to leave and pick up their things I asked this question, “OK, now everyone, how a lot of you even remember that I’m nude?”

I could see the light go on in their eyes as they understood just what it was all about. I know some of them are going to be back to Faywood Hot Springs and I understand they will not be wearing clothing this time.

-John Collins
El Paso, Texas
First time encounter 🙂

So I’m a 17 year male from Australia, I’ve always appreciated being bare by myself and had dream of going to the neighborhood nude beach with some mates, male and female. Now I eventually got the chance; we walked down to the shore and continued on to the nudist half of the seashore, we subsequently stripped off and went for a swim. It felt to be naked socially.

After our swim we lay on the shore and dried off then went for a walk and enjoyed the view; we have now decided as a mixed group of friends it’s going to become a standard practice for our friends. Undoubtedly going to occur more in the not too distant future.

-Dan W
First Timers

My wife Rose and I are newly weds in our mid 50s. Throughout our lives we skinny dipped as children and teens, but never had the ability to do so as adults in our previous marriages. Last summer, just before we got married, we began loving going in the pool nude. We sat on the veranda to dry off after getting out letting our skin bask in the sunshine. What an excellent feeling.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Not long after this, we started doing yard work, naked, in the back yard where the block fence gave us some privacy. We have a neighbor woman who likes to poke her head over the fence to say hello when she hears us in the back yard (I presume that will quit after the very first time she sees us nude). Now we spend a lot of time naked in the back yard and we should since we’ve done so much work back there.

A few months ago we were seeing a program on TV about the RV lifestyle. It got our attention because we travel around in a 25 foot travel trailer. One of many things in the program was Garments-Optional campgrounds. We though it was tidy and that was the last we thought about it. That’s until a few weeks ago when my wife brought it up implying it would be fun to find a Clothes-Optional campground and go see what it’s all about.

Over the next few weeks I spent a lot of time hunting the internet for Clothing-Discretionary campgrounds. There are not many in Arizona, in fact there are few nudist organizations in Arizona, span. I located one near Phoenix, Shangri la Ranch, which advertises as a family oriented nudist camp. I did even more research on Shangri la Ranch and found it’s a great facility and comes highly recommended by posters on various nude diversion newsgroups. I named the office at Shangri la Ranch and clarified my wife and I would really like to see for a weekend and it’d be our very first time at a nudist resort. They were more than pleased to accommodate us, even placing us in an RV space right across from the club house, pools, cafe, and hot tub.

After setting up camp and having lunch, we shed our clothes and headed for the pool. It felt so natural and free, we immediately felt at home. We went to the dance in the club house that evening and had a ball dancing naked for 3 1/2 hours. We did not care we were naked and no one else cared we were nude either. We met several really fine couples who were excited to meet us and observed our first time with us.

Grew and I can barely wait to go back.

I learned of another nudist resort that’s highly recommended not too far from us that we’ll be heading to maybe in November. Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. Tom and Mary Clare look outstanding hosts and the hostel is simply that which we need.

I expect Rose and I become regulars at Shangri la Ranch and Terra Cotta Inn. We’re keeping our eyes and ears sharp for additional places to go to.

We’re going to adore nudism, Clothing-Optional and no clothing resorts and tasks.

See you around. We only joined AANR yesterday!

-Mark & Rose
Wow. I did it.

I’d learned of a nude event at a nearby fitness center. It was sponsored by a neighborhood nudist club which leased the facility for an evening once a month or so. I had become determined to proceed to the event having consistently been intrigued by nudism but never attempting it. I was as nervous as I really could get worrying about how I Had “react” but I was committed. I drove over to the health club that Saturday evening and sat in the car merely eyeing the place for a good 10 minutes. I was not about to chicken out. I went in, paid my admission fee and headed for the locker room. I quickly figured out that everything was co-ed. There was a couple in the men’s locker room and they were naked. Oh my. How would this go? LOL. I just stripped as fast as I could. Out the door I went with not a thing on. Wow. Was this great or what? I took a quick dip in the pool and then went to the sauna and hot tub. I was feeling very comfy bare. This was fantastic. I was hooked on nudism. Everyone was so friendly and open. I got involved in the volleyball game. Here I was playing coed naked volleyball. I was absolutely hooked. This was excellent. I remained until the occasion was over appreciating the entire encounter. 15 years after I am still at it. A nudist for life.

-George E
18 Years back I went to a nude beach for the first time and now I cannot seem to go eslewhere

I once heard about a nude beach near where I lived on the news as it made some contraversy. I was already sleeping in the nude for some time, never thought I’d try it outside, but then one day I went to the seashore out of fascination. I did not go there to go bare, but after talking to one regular there I found myself taking my suit off and going skinny-dipping!

Wow! What a sense it was swimming in the ocean without a swimsuit! I started coming back up until the seashore I went to got raided. I was fortunate I did not get caught, but afterwards the shore lost its spunk, and single men began to be the norm offsetting the balance of women and men.

I have to say that didn’t stop me from becoming a naturist as I joined a landed club nearby and met plenty of buddies while at it and the most important idea is that it wasn’t sexual being around identical images that Playboy and pornography make degrading just in real life.

I even learned later how amazing it is to be in a motel room while on vacation with no clothing on and even not close the bathroom door. I do however, dwell with my mom who doesn’t understand about this, but I still sleep nude at night though! Wow is all I can say as no right words can describe the independence you have without clothes! I’ve been solicited and there is no going back for me!


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