I was born in a country where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

I ‘d my first experience once I was 13. Its during summer vacation and I was learning swimming in a near by pool. One day, I forgot to wear the swimming torso and I realized that when I’m about to lose my trousers. I do not desire to go back home for my undies. So I chose to wrap a towel and keep to swim. http://videonudism.com/amateur used to slip off often and for the first time in my entire life that my skin got in direct contact with water below the sun. I felt the coldness of water as well as the warmthness of the sunshine with fully naked body. Its a sensational feeling and I fell in love with naturism for the first time.
To be blunt, I got into few sensual activities (like nude erotic massages etc) during my adolescent. But I never felt the real happiness in these types of activities and every time I felt guiltiness in my heart that Iam doing something incorrect. Nudism for me at that age is just glaring at nude women.
as soon as I reached my twenties, I started believing in a matured way and I started loving naturism. I ‘d the sway of few philosophers on my head, that makes me to select naturism. Infact , nothing around me is fascinating for me now than my own nude body subjected to sun.

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But as I mentioned before, naturism isn’t welcomed in Asia. So, beach nymphs used to restrict my activities within four walls.

One thought on “I was born in a country where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

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