Hello, I have not yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I’m a nudist, but am only 18 so I estimate I have plently of time to, nevertheless I have had many occassions when I have purposely selected to be bare and have actually loved it.

I got a fairly conservative upbringing however my parents perspective is essentially it is alright for individuals to see you nude, you must not be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all of the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I’ve just in the past six months I’ve started sleeping naked, I’ve found it quite confortable and clean and even sleep better, my parents have woken me up some morning, locating me naked, I utilized the justifications “i couldn’t locate pj’s/boxers, hot nighttime got really hot and itchy” etc, clearly I should have said, its more confortable, I sleep better, heaps of ppl do it, but being worried about their view of me I didn’t say the above.
About 3 months ago I went back to a mates house late one night with 3 girls and 4 men (including me), all close firends, being summer we made a decision to go for a swim in his quite warm pool. http://crazypublic.com guess the plan was to swim in underwear but two of the girls said they were not keen because they did not have bras on, because of the dresses they were wearing, My male friend said, ive got my boxers but am going in nude cause this is what im slepping in. A great alibi! and then my other friend said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male mates got in (nude), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she’s a very comfortable style). I having swimmed nude in my own pool did not feel to uncumfortable and dived in. Among the girls believed it was kind of funny and took her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom underwear on), followed by the other man (naked) and the last girl (in her underwear). It was amazing, there was tons of laughter at first and a bit of covering up,but shortly everybody became more relaxed and we only spoke normally and swum about for hours. Although I estimate it was booze that played a part in folks being so assured to simply dive in, including me, it was a great chance and explanation to do it. But the best part was that it was non sexual, just a group of friends enjoying there firm, naked, there was no questions asked or encouragement for the other two girls to strip fully, because it was an individual selection. Too often people think that once you’ve gotten nude it’s to escalate to sex.
Another encounter I had was in the country within our property, I was working out on the farm (middle of summer), and was extremly hot, there clearly was no about the house, so I got naked and in the cold spa,put on the jets, this proved to be a very relaxing experience. My father appeared out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then noticed my knickers realising that I had just jumped in. He having been additionally working thought it turned out to be a fantastic idea as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and concealing under the bubbles. I was quite pleased that he had done this, it seems that people are willing to go bare in some situations for example spaaing but not in the backyard, round the home, in the beach etc which is a pity. I hope to find another excuse to go bare and encourage people in my family to go naked.

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